Stockmann Law – Who We Are

Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Stockmann

Stockmann Law is a nationally recognized law firm focused on defending our clients from drug-related charges. Our professional legal team is led by Daniel Stockmann, a highly decorated lawyer with a proven record of success. During the initial stages of any criminal proceeding, it is important to have a legal team like Stockmann Law on your side because we will thoroughly examine the facts in the case against you and promptly advise you through every phase of the judicial process. Our more than 15 years of criminal defense experience has taught us how to navigate complex legal matters, which includes handling each case with unique consideration so as to optimize the potential for success in each case by tailoring our defensive strategy to the individual circumstances.

Stockmann Law – Who We Serve

You don’t have to live in Nebraska in order to need legal defense in Nebraska. Stockmann Law is dedicated to providing stellar legal defense to people living throughout the United States who have had charges brought against them by the state of Nebraska. The legal team at Stockmann Law has helped people from California to New York successfully defend against the charges brought against them by the state of Nebraska. Current and previous Stockmann Law clients have hailed from Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, and New Hampshire, to name a few. The bottom line: no matter where you live, if you are faced with charges in Nebraska and need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will fight for you, you need to call Stockmann Law at (855) 451-7980.

Stockmann Law – A History Of Success

Stockmann Law has won major settlements and favorable verdicts in everything from high-stakes charges like attempted murder and multi-million dollar drug trafficking charges to small drug possession and interstate drug trafficking charges. Stockmann Law has achieved seemingly impossible results by defending the following clients successfully:

  • Client was facing up to 300 years in prison for two counts of first degree assault, one count of robbery and three counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony.
  • Client was facing up to 55 years in prison and a $35,000 fine after police officers found a slew of illegal controlled substances.
  • Client was facing a sentence of 20 years in prison after a traffic stop yielded 86 pounds of marijuana.

It is not by luck that the Stockmann Law team was able to defend against such overwhelming charges. It is only through the unwavering dedication of the Stockmann Law team. No matter how serious the criminal charges are, Stockmann Law’s goal is always the same: to provide the most effective legal defense possible.

Stockmann Law – Client Testimonials

Stockmann Law’s clients can’t say enough about their positive experiences. Here’s what our previous clients are saying:

  • “Mr. Stockmann is an extremely knowledgeable professional who provided the reassurance that anybody in a legally compromising position is desperate to experience from the moment it begins.” – R. H.
  • “When our son was arrested in Nebraska, we reached out to Dan Stockmann. Even though it was in the evening, he returned my call right away and offered to help. He was confident and forthright in his assessment of our son’s charges. Since we live in Iowa, he kept in touch with us throughout the case via email and phone. I credit him for getting our son’s bond lowered to an amount we could afford. He was also able to negotiate a plea deal that kept our son from going to prison. It was better than we had hoped for. He saved our son from prison. He was facing 22 years for a drug charge. I don’t know what we would have done without Dan! He saved our family. For that, I will forever be grateful. Our son can move on with his life and put this all behind him. I definitely recommend Dan Stockmann. He saved our family.” – Julie
  • “When I was arrested, I was terrified that the charges I faced would ruin my life. I’m so glad I hired attorney Daniel Stockmann to represent me! From the first moment, Daniel Stockmann listened to my concerns, relieved my fears, helped me to understand the legal process and assured me that he would do everything he could to fight for me. It was such a relief to have a competent lawyer like Daniel Stockmann on my side and that he was going to be able to work hard to get me out of that terrible situation. I would highly recommend Daniel Stockmann to anyone who needs a caring, aggressive, and diligent attorney.” – A.B.
  • “Daniel Stockmann provides exceptional legal work. He is honest and straight forward with his is legal advice. Daniel is reliable and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Daniel if you are looking for a great attorney!” – S. E.
  • “Due to unfortunate circumstances I found myself in need of an attorney in Nebraska. Luckily for me, I found Daniel Stockmann. He was thorough, knowledgeable and straight forward from our very first conversation until the conclusion of my case. He was there to listen to me, and he kept me informed every step of the way. He worked diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for my case. To say I am simply satisfied would be an understatement. My family and I couldn’t be happier with Mr Stockmann, and I am truly grateful I found him.” – B. B.​
  • “With [Daniel Stockmann] on your side, you’ve got a lawyer that will do everything and more to make sure you’re represented properly in court. I hope I will never need a lawyer again. However, Daniel would be my first call if I did. My family and I can’t thank you enough Daniel, you exceeded our expectations.” – J. B.
  • “Highly recommend! Mr. Stockmann represented our daughter and was exactly what we needed. He was professional, quick, understanding, and kept us informed and on top of what our options were. Very pleased with his services.” – previous client
  • “Definitely on my side! I highly recommend he be on yours! I was unfairly and unlawfully targeted by law enforcement in Nebraska. I contacted many attorneys and they all led me (either by their actions or lack thereof) to Dan. Dan went to work right away to get me released from jail as well as working to get my case suppressed. I do my homework and I would recommend Dan to anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of the law. He has worked extremely hard for me and I believe he would do the same for anyone who finds themselves in my situation as well. I believe him to be highly ethical and extremely truthful, he is a wonderful attorney.” – L.N.

Stockmann Law – Affordable, Quality Legal Defense

When searching for a lawyer, you can’t afford to overpay. You deserve a lawyer that provides excellent results at affordable prices. At Stockmann Law, we believe no one should be denied access to qualified legal defense. That’s why we offer easy payment plans that are affordable for almost any budget. We’ll even come to the jailhouse and physically bail out our clients – that’s how much we care about our clients. If you or someone you know is in need of a criminal defense attorney, you can trust the team at Stockmann Law to help. For a free case evaluation, call Stockmann Law now at .