Berea, Nebraska Drug Lawyer

Berea is an unincorporated area in Nebraska served by Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer Dan Stockmann. Located in Box Butte County, it is the northwestern part of Nebraska. It has a population of 41 people. Berea was founded when the Burlington Railroad reached the area in 1889. With the rail came a water tower, a section house, and more settlers to buy farmland. Most of the residents of the town were of one singular group of settlers from Ohio. The town was still small, having a population of 50 people. However, it did have its own newspaper, a post office, a school, a community hall, and a store.

Over the next century or so, the population fluctuated as the town grew and shrank with the railroad. Garages, farms, more stores, hotels, a refinery, and other businesses came and went. Throughout the next century, that population shift continued. In 1960, the population hit 75. By 2007, the local school closed because there were only nine students enrolled.

Part of the reason that many people have left Berea is because there aren’t many jobs within the area. All businesses have left, though there are some plans to reignite the area.

Directions to Stockmann Law from Berea, Nebraska

To get to Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer from Berea, you have to take NE-2 E to US-385 S in Box Butte-Wright-Lake. Then, turn left onto US-385 S and drive for 8.4 miles. Next, turn left onto W Kansas Street and continue onward for 2.9 miles.

You will then want to turn left onto NE-92 E/US-183 N and continue to follow NE-92 E for 50.1 miles.

Next turn right onto US-281 S and drive for 2.4 miles, you are going the right way if you see the NAPA Auto Parts – The Parts Bin on the left in 0.6 miles. You will then want to turn left onto NE-92 E and drive for 56.4 miles.

Continue on US-77 S. Take NE-92 E and US-6 E to N 93rd St in Omaha for 33.5 miles. Turn left onto US-77 S and drive for 8.6 miles.

Once again, continue straight onto NE-92 E and drive for 10.5 miles.  Keep left to stay on NE-92 E for 0.2 miles and then continue to follow S 240th Street S for 1.8 miles. Then, take a slight right to merge onto NE-28B Link/W Dodge Rd toward Omaha and drive for 3.4 miles.

Keep left to stay on US-6 E, follow signs for W Dodge Road and drive for 1.5 miles. Then, use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto N 93rd Street. In 220 feet, turn right and the destination will be on your left.

Stockmann Law
9290 W Dodge Rd #100, Omaha, NE 68114

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