Drug Checkpoints on I-80 2020: Most Common Dates

Every year, there are thousands of drivers in Nebraska that are stopped at roadside safety checks, with many of those being stopped on I-80. These stops have been intentionally designed to identify drunk drivers and any criminals who may be passing through the state. The checkpoints have become increasingly common over the last decade or so, with many popping up on other interstate highways and other busy roads. Although these checkpoints are legal, officers do have to follow many rules and regulations before they legally put a roadblock into place.
As specified by the Supreme Court, DUI and drug checkpoints were designed to protect citizens and deter people from driving while under the influence of intoxicants. However, federal DUI and drug guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that the police don’t just use these checkpoints to apprehend offenders. The date and time of any drug checkpoints need to be announced – often you can find the date and location of roadblocks scheduled in your area.
Even if you do not know when or where a drug checkpoint is on I-80, statistics can help you to make an educated guess about when and where they will be. Most often, they occur on weekends and between the hours of 8 PM and 2 AM. They are likely to be near bars, sports venues, concert halls, or other locations where drugs and alcohol are present and consumed.
Know that officers are required to provide a valid reason for setting up drug and DUI checkpoints. Often, this reason is merely the higher number of offenders in a particular area or a historical trend of driving under the influence on that night. Officers also need to have a specific plan regarding which vehicles will be stopped, and they have to record any deviation from the plan. Often, they will pick a set number and choose only that car – for example, every other car or every fifth vehicle.

You Need A Lawyer After Being Caught At a Drug Checkpoint

One of the best ways to avoid a drug checkpoint is to simply choose an alternate route – but this isn’t always possible for everyone. It is important to know that police officers must follow the rules and regulations – and they often don’t do so. If you have been stopped at a drug checkpoint and need legal representation, contact Stockmann Law today.
When it comes to drug checkpoint arrests, it is essential to have a skilled drug lawyer on your side. He will help you to make the best decisions regarding your legal options and how to proceed. The result? Reduced penalties and leniency if you were arrested at a drug checkpoint.
Know that while traffic stops are common, they are not always legal or carried out in the intended way. You have rights, and it is important that being stopped at a drug checkpoint did not violate those rights.
Are There Times That Drug Checkpoints Are More Common?
Yes, in fact, there are common times for drug checkpoints on I-80. They are at all of the times that make the most sense: the times of the year when people drink and take drugs at a higher rate. They are also common in the weeks leading up to more significant holidays when drugs are being transported for sale.

Common Times For Drug Checkpoints on I-80

As mentioned, there are common times for drug checkpoints, which makes it much easier to predict when there will be drug checkpoints on I-80 in 2020. Of course, this is not an exacting science. The truth is that most people do not need to worry about this, but it is still something that some people wish to avoid when they are driving I-80.
There are often drug checkpoints on weekend nights because people are drinking and taking drugs, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. These won’t happen every weekend, but they are common.
Another common time for DUI and drug checkpoints on I-80 are directly before and on the “big drinking” holidays. These include Mardi Gras (yes, even in Nebraska), St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, Labor Day Weekend, and Memorial Day. They are also commonly scheduled around big sporting events and concerts.

Learn More About Drug Defense Strategies

If you would like more information about all of your legal options regarding drug charges including DUI possession with intent, and more, be sure to contact our Nebraska drug lawyer today. Our entire team at Stockmann Law looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best choices for your case.