Fontanelle, Nebraska Drug Lawyer

Fontanelle is an unincorporated area in Nebraska served by Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer Dan Stockmann. It is located within Dodge and Washington counties. It was one of the earliest “boom towns” in Nebraska thanks to the Pawnee tribe. However, the people couldn’t differentiate Fontanelle enough to get it a railroad outpost, so it has faced some struggles. In the early years of the late 19th century, there were hundreds of people living here – professionals, skillsman, farmers, and families of all sizes. Unfortunately, the lack of a railroad meant that the population fell precipitously for years.

Named after Logan Fontenelle, the Omaha Tribe leader who was killed by the Sioux in 1855, it was originally founded by the Nebraska Colonization Company, who wanted to form Nebraska University. Fontanelle was also supposed to be the seat of Dodge County, but it later went mostly into Washington County. It was still up and coming then, having one of the first churches in the area, a college (Fontanelle University), and many skilled townspeople who kept business booming.

The area’s location next to the Elkhorn River meant that it was raided several times in the early years. This led to the US Army establishing a port within town to protect it. During that same time, the  Fontanelle Township Hall was built to serve as a meeting hall and polling place – it still stands today and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sadly, the town folded for the most part in the 1890s and today remains unincorporated.

Directions to Stockmann Law from Fontanelle, Nebraska

To get to Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer from Fontanelle, NE, you will want to get on US-275 E/US-30 E in Platte from NE-91 W and US-77 S.

After you merge onto US-275 E/US-30 E, you will want to continue to follow US-275 E for 20.1 miles. Then, you will continue onto NE-28B Link for another 3.7 miles.

Next, continue onto US-6 E for 7.4 miles. You will want to keep left to stay on US-6 E, follow signs for W Dodge Road for 1.5 miles.

After that, use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto N 93rd Street in about 220 feet, you will turn right and the destination will be on the left.

Stockmann Law
9290 W Dodge Rd #100, Omaha, NE 68114

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