I-80 Illegal Stop and Search

I-80 illegal stop and search in Nebraska has affected tens of thousands of motorists. An unequal number of drivers involved were from out-of-state, although police claim the stops are completely legal and are in response to increased activity of the Mexican cartels, not to shakedown unsuspecting visitors. However, many of their tactics and practices have been proven unconstitutional in the courts.

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    I-80 Illegal Stop and Search Penalties

    I-80 illegal stop and search tactics can yield evidence against you, like drugs and drug paraphernalia. Facing possession alone can be bad enough, especially if you are caught with a high quantity of a dangerous drug like methamphetamine. Under the conviction of possession you could receive thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison. A drug trafficking charge is a completely different matter though, with penalties that far outweigh most simple possession charges.

    Drug trafficking is when a person is accused of selling, transporting or importing illegal substances within the United States. The two charges of possession and distribution sometimes overlap into a charge known as “possession with intent to distribute.” This charge is made when the prosecutor proves that the individual caught intended to sell illegal substances, which is determined by the amount and type of drugs found. If you are charged with possession of marijuana with an intent to distribute, you could spend up to 20 years in prison and pay a fine of $1,000. The offense of possession of cocaine or methamphetamine with the intent to distribute could get you a sentence of up to 50 years in prison. The punishment for any drug charge can increase on your second or subsequent offense.

    I-80 Illegal Stop and Search Defense

    I-80 illegal stop and search tactics can sometimes be proven. If police made mistakes or violated your constitutional rights when they stopped you on I-80, it could be used in your defense. Some of the common errors by police might include the lack the probable cause to pull you over. Probable cause refers to the requirement that police have adequate reason to arrest someone, conduct a search or seize property relating to the crime.

    Once pulled over, the officer involved may have committed an illegal search because there are strict rules regulating what the police can actually do when they are given permission to conduct a search. Some cases may reveal that the police may have operated an unfair and inconsistent checkpoint stop as well.

    I-80 Illegal Stop and Search Lawyer

    I-80 illegal stop and search tactics are rampant, and therefore, in order to protect the rights of every citizen, the police are limited in what they can do when stopping and arresting people for a suspected drug crime. When police violate these limitations, it can render all evidence inadmissible in court. If you have been arrested for a drug crime, call Stockmann Law to enlist the aid of an experienced attorney to handle these matters. Stockmann Law can bring a wealth of knowledge of illegal search and seizure matters that only 20 years in criminal justice can provide. If there is a problem with the police conduct in your case, they can find it and make it work for you.