Lawyer for Drug Charges in Omaha: Celeb Caught in I-80 Busts

As a lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, many of Daniel Stockmann’s cases include I-80 busts. In fact, law enforcement targeting on this particular interstate is so prevalent that it gets regular coverage here on this blog as well. Despite most locals being aware, those passing through often find out the hard way. Such is the case for actor and model Hopper Penn who was arrested back in April for drug charges.

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    Hopper Penn was Arrested in an I-80 Bust

    The famous 24-year-old son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright was allegedly traveling with Endings, Inc. co-star and girlfriend Uma von Wittkamp on I-80 when a trooper pulled the pair’s 1992 Volvo over for failing to signal. Reports indicate law enforcement agents noted “drug activity” inside the vehicle, offering probable cause to search. In total, 14 grams of marijuana, four amphetamine pills, and 3 grams of psychedelic mushrooms were uncovered. Sources differ on Penn’s charges, with some saying his was strictly marijuana possession, while others note psilocybin; the compound found in mushrooms. Von Wittkamp was allegedly charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, including psilocybin and amphetamine. Both were released the following day; each with a $25,000 bond.

    Penn has Spoken Openly About Drug Recovery in the Past

    “I went to rehab because I woke up in a hospital and my dad was like, ‘Rehab? Or bus bench?’ I was like, ‘I’ll take the bed,’ ” Penn told reporters not too long ago. He explains that he fell in with a bad crowd during his parent’s divorce and, although he used many substances, crystal meth had become his biggest downfall.

    Penn and von Wittkamp Got a Deal

    Whereas their initial charges were felonies and could have come with time behind bars and as much as a $10,000 fine, the pair was able to get their charges reduced to “attempt of a felony,” which is a misdemeanor. Reports indicate they pled “no contest.” While some may consider this to be the same thing as a guilty plea, it’s quite different. It simply means the individual is not going to challenge the charge as they would with a “not guilty” plea, but that they will accept the court’s decision regarding punishment without saying they’re guilty either. In situations such as this, one of the primary benefits is that the case won’t go to trial, meaning private details won’t be leaked out— something people in the public eye value. Ultimately, the pair was ordered to pay $1,000 each; a drop in the bucket compared to what they initially faced.

    Retain an Experienced Lawyer for Drug Charges in Omaha

    Penn’s case could have had a much different ending; one which included him and his girlfriend spending time behind bars and perhaps with private details of their lives coming out in trial. However, the strategy employed resulted in minimum fines and maintained their reputations. While this case was not one overseen by Stockmann Law, it’s a fair example of the personalized strategies the firm regularly applies, and with similar results too. If you need an experienced lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, get in touch with Daniel Stockmann for a no-obligation consultation by completing the form on this page or calling (402) 884-1031.