Lawyer for Drug Charges in Omaha: Congress Passes Opioid Abuse Bill

As a lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, Daniel Stockmann tends to see more cases related to marijuana and weed trafficking, but the rise in opioid cases is undeniable. It’s estimated that drugs kill around 100 Americans every single day, with heroin and opioids responsible for a significant portion of them. During the last reporting year, there were more than 47,000 deaths, or more than twice the number of fatalities than there were in the year 2000. In response to this, Congress recently passed a new opioid abuse bill, which Obama signed into action promptly.

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    The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) Has Unique Goals

    Known as CARA for short, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act is a unique piece of legislation that’s in keeping with the times and Obama’s previous actions related to the “War on Drugs.” Rather than nailing down harsher penalties for drug crimes, CARA is intended to help educate people about opioids to prevent addictions from starting and to provide more treatment options for those already coping with an addiction.

    CARA Lays Framework, But Has Minimal Funding

    It’s believed that somewhere around two million Americans have an opioid problem. Of this, around half a million are addicted to heroin. Unlike other drugs, studies have shown that about half of those who become addicted to heroin took a prescription opioid prior to getting hooked on heroin. Lawmakers plan to beef up the requirements medical providers must meet before prescribing a Schedule II or Schedule III substance and want the FDA to reevaluate whether a medication to help with opioid addiction can be made available without a prescription. Treatment, including help for those found guilty of drug crimes and those already incarcerated, will also be made available. The bill further addresses how to help babies born either addicted to drugs or to households with drug users. Again, the goal is to help families on the path to health, rather than to punish. As it stands now, $181 million has been authorized to kick the program off, but it’s not nearly enough. Lawmakers will need to approve an additional $500 million when they establish the budget next year. "I am deeply disappointed that Republicans failed to provide any real resources for those seeking addiction treatment to get the care that they need," President Obama said in a statement. "In fact, they blocked efforts by Democrats to include $920 million in treatment funding."

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    As time passes and these funds become available, more people struggling with opioid addiction will be able to enter treatment programs rather than be incarcerated, provided they are able to prove that they are not a threat to society and are likely to respond to treatment well. This will generally require the assistance of an experienced lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, and for now, the courts are still operating as they have been. If you or a loved one is facing any kind of drug charge, contact Daniel Stockmann at (402) 884-1031 for a free case evaluation today.