Lisco, Nebraska Drug Lawyer

Lisco is an unincorporated area in Nebraska served by Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer Dan Stockmann. According to the most recent census in 2010, it has a population of 64 people. Of those who live there, there are 22 families in 35 households. Of those households, only 13.2% were under the age of 18, 60% were married couples, and 32.4% were non-families. In fact, most people who live in Lisco are over the age of 65. The rest fell somewhere in the middle, with more people skewing older.

Lisco was established in 1909 thanks to the extension of the Union Pacific Railroad. It was named after Reuben Lisco, a cattle rancher who owned some 40,000 acres of land, including the land that makes up the town. There was a bit of confusion with the 2000 census because it was designated “Cisco” but the government and Census Bureau has since realized their error and fixed it.

Today, Lisco is located in the western part of Garden County. It has a total land area of 0.60 square miles.

Directions to Stockmann Law from Lisco, Nebraska

To get to Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer from Lisco, get on I-80 E in Ogallala from US-26 E. You will want to merge onto I-80 E and drive for 318 miles. Then, use the right 2 lanes to take exit 446 for I-680 N.

From there, you will continue onto I-680 E and use the right 2 lanes to take exit 3 to merge onto US-6 E/W Dodge Road, about 1.3 miles.

Next, use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto N 93rd Street (about 220 feet), then turn right and the destination will be on the left in 154 feet.

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