Manufacturing Crimes in Nebraska

Manufacturing crimes in Nebraska, with methamphetamines on the rise in rural heartland of Nebraska, are profuse. A rather complex term, “manufacturing” is defined as the production, preparation, propagation, compounding, cultivation, growing, conversion, or processing of a controlled substance. All of these substances are originally exacted naturally, or by chemical synthesis, or by a combination of both. Manufacturing charges often arise when law enforcement receives a tip that someone is manufacturing or growing a controlled substance in a residence. Law enforcement then takes extensive measures before a raid, doing background checks on the criminal history of the house or property has a history of drug charges, setting up surveillance, and check power bills and trash receptacles for drug paraphernalia. If law enforcement believes that there is probable cause for a warrant, a search warrant is prepared and presented to a judge.

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    Penalties for Drug Manufacturing Crimes In Nebraska

    A drug manufacturing crime in Nebraska is very serious, and depending on the circumstances of the case, you could be charged with a Class II or III felony. The size of the drug network or operation will have some bearing on the sentencing, but the minimum sentencing requirements for the crime of drug manufacturing will include a minimum of one year to a maximum of 20 years or 50 years, depending on the substance involved and a fine of either $10,000 to $25,000. Aside from significant prison time and fines, an offender can have their property seized.

    Manufacturing charges are enhanced to the next level, felony charges, under certain circumstances such as proximity to schools, churches, public housing, child care facilities, parks, community centers, colleges and even adult assisted living facilities. Furthermore, there are additional charges that are often filed in these situations if the property used was owned, leased, rented, or possessed for manufacturing (or cultivating) a controlled substance. These charges not only apply to a person who was renting a house for manufacturing, but also to the owner of the house that knowingly rented it to a person for manufacturing a controlled substance.

    Manufacturing Crimes In Nebraska Defense

    Drug manufacturing for certain drugs like methamphetamine and marijuana has turned into something of an epidemic in Nebraska, and accordingly, law enforcement has stepped up their operation to deal with it. They are so driven that, in some cases, they don’t follow their own legal procedures in search and seizure or in the process of arrests. A skilled drug crime lawyer can help determine whether the police violated your rights, then demand that the evidence be deemed inadmissible and the charges dropped completely or reduced once proof has been established.

    To be convicted of manufacturing (or intending to manufacture) illicit drugs, prosecutors must typically prove the elements of both possession and an intent to manufacture. A permit or authorization to possess certain items otherwise used to make illegal drugs may be a defense. For example, pharmacists have access to a wide array of substances that may be used to manufacture illicit drugs. Also, certain chemicals and industrial supplies commonly used to make illegal drugs may also have legitimate uses that would require a permit.

    Manufacturing Crimes in Nebraska Lawyer

    Being charged with manufacturing crimes in Nebraska is a situation which is direly important and allows no room for error or giving anything less than your best effort. Specializing in criminal justice for the past 20 years has given attorney Dan Stockmann a vast knowledge of the subject, and with his dedication to your success, you can be confident that your future is in capable hands. He understands that each situation is unique and requires more than a “call-in” defense. Whether you are attempting to dismiss the charges entirely or just lighten the sentence, you can trust that Dan Stockmann will be in constant pursuit of an optimum outcome.