Marijuana Busts on I-80

Marijuana busts on I-80 are occurring more frequently. Interstate 80 runs through Nebraska, a state surrounded by neighboring states of varying drug laws. Nebraska state troopers and local police are well-known for camping out at certain spots along I-80, hoping to make a bust. Officers are alert to anything suspicious about the car or driver. Often, they use speeding as pretense to pull drivers over and search their vehicles, sometimes specifically targeting drivers with out-of-state-license plates. Namely, those with license plates from states that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana, like California and Colorado, fall victim the most.

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    Marijuana busts on I-80 happen most of time because the police look for just about anything to justify either additional interrogation, a request to search a vehicle or summon a drug-sniffing dog. Furthermore, what makes things more difficult is the law that the mere odor of marijuana gives an officer probable cause to search a vehicle. Officers in Nebraska frequently lie and use the excuse of marijuana odor to perform an illegal search, and it is very difficult to prove the contrary.

    Marijuana Busts on I-80 Penalties

    Marijuana busts on I-80 usually result in marijuana charges. The penalties of marijuana crimes differ greatly from the various charges that could be contributed to your particular case. A first offense marijuana possession charge of less than an ounce is not the same as selling to a minor. Upper level possession charges are more serious, with more than 1 pound recognized as a felony, with a possible fine of $10,000 and 5 years in jail. Any sale of marijuana is considered a felony, carrying a mandatory sentence of a year in prison and a maximum sentence of 20 years and a $10,000 fine.

    Marijuana Busts on I-80 Defense

    Marijuana busts on I-80 can be rife with police misconduct. Misconduct and unlawfulness happen all too often on the side of law enforcement; so much so that Nebraska attorneys know exactly what steps to take to reveal that the police did not follow proper search and seizure laws, and even that they did not have probable cause to stop the driver in the first place. If any of your constitutional rights were violated, it is possible to effectively argue to have the evidence presented against you suppressed and have the charges reduced or dismissed.

    Marijuana Busts on I-80 Lawyer in Nebraska

    As a long-standing member of the criminal justice system—with over fifteen years of experience, recognized as a Top 40 lawyer in the state of Nebraska—attorney Dan Stockmann understands the serious nature of a marijuana charge. In fact, a large enough quantity or sales circumstance could be just as damaging to your life as a harder drug like heroin. It will be a blemish that will negatively affect every aspect of your life. Because he has handled numerous marijuana busts on I-80 cases, Dan Stockmann’s extensive knowledge and experience in such matter are unmatched. Let Stockmann Law give you the best defense available.