Drug War Hypocrisy Called Out By Top Drug Lawyer: Omaha, NE Policy Makers in Desperate Need of Common Sense

In a great little article in the Cannabis Business Times, Dan Stockman, notable drug lawyer (Omaha, NE), cleverly drew a contrast between alcohol and drug prohibition. Stockmann called attention to the tiny town of Whiteclay, Nebraska, a poignant symbol in the hypocrisy surrounding Nebraska’s current drug policies. The attorney said that Whiteclay has surprisingly maintained … Continue reading Drug War Hypocrisy Called Out By Top Drug Lawyer: Omaha, NE Policy Makers in Desperate Need of Common Sense

Interstate Cannabis at the Colorado/Nebraska Border

Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense Attorney Daniel Stockmann discusses his work defending clients from drug-related charges, especially those who drive in to Nebraska from Colorado (where weed was legalized in 2012), as law enforcement presence has increased resulting in rising arrests for felony distribution and sale of marijuana. Drivers with out-of-state license plates driving along Nebraska … Continue reading Interstate Cannabis at the Colorado/Nebraska Border


  The last place anyone would want to be is in prison. If you are unfortunate enough to land yourself in jail, then it’s time to get your act together and think of how to get out, the legal way. The way to do that is to post bail. Learn more about bonds from a … Continue reading Bonds

Traffic Stop Protocol

Do you know anyone who has been pulled over by the police? Chances are you do and I sure know several people who have been in the same situation. You may now be thinking if you could be next, and the answer is YES, you could be next. Many people believe that a traffic stop … Continue reading Traffic Stop Protocol

Dan Stockmann Radio Interview

Listen to an interview by Marijuana Public Media with attorney Daniel Stockmann explaining the staggering legal difference between traveling through Nebraska with marijuana oil vs. leafy marijuana and what you may risk.   Click here to download the interview.

Dan Stockmann Drug Lawyer

Terrified of losing everything you have ever worked for because of a drug arrest? Watch to learn how a top Nebraska Drug Lawyer, Daniel Stockmann, can successfully guide you past your legal problems. Drug possession crimes are more common than you think and make up a large part of the crimes charged in any area. … Continue reading Dan Stockmann Drug Lawyer