Nebraska Drug Laws

Nebraska drug laws are easily misunderstood. Although Nebraska is known for its football and quality agriculture, many people falsely believe that Nebraska drug laws are lenient. Marijuana, in small possession cases, may be decriminalized, but Nebraska still has some of the toughest laws in the country when it comes to drug possession, transportation and distribution. With drugs pouring in from bordering states like Colorado, Nebraska policy makers, prosecutors, and law enforcement have stepped up their game to prevent an insurgence of drugs into the state’s small communities and larger cities.

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    The severity of the punishment if convicted is based on the many factors for which you are charged, which can encompass a whole spectrum of variables, from possession of marijuana to the drug trafficking of heroin and prescription drug fraud. Similarly, penalties are based on the type and amount the offender is in possession of at the time of arrest. These drugs are divided up into “schedules,” ranging from Schedule V drugs, like cough suppressants, to the more dangerous Schedule I class composed of methamphetamine and cocaine.

    Nebraska Drug Laws Defense

    When defending against the violation of Nebraska drug laws, there are many common and effective defenses with which to work. Police could, and frequently do, violate constitutional rights involving illegal search and seizure, in addition to Miranda rights violations and entrapment. There also could have been no intent to sell the drugs you possessed in the first place, or the drugs may not have actually been in your custody, control or possession. You could have been living with a drug dealer and not even have known about it.

    Nebraska Drug Laws Attorney

    The penalties for breaking Nebraska drug laws can be severe depending on the circumstances of the crime, including substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences, but an experienced attorney can work out an arrangement with the prosecutors to get you rehab, probation, community service, a suspended jail sentence, or have the case dismissed altogether. Dan Stockmann is such a lawyer, with 20 years experience in criminal justice, he can fight against unlawful and trumped up charges. He has successfully fought numerous controlled substance cases and been able to demonstrate the innocence of his clients, or negotiate plea bargains in which can result in probation, rehabilitation, reduction of charges or dismissal of the case altogether.