Nebraska Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug trafficking is a serious offense and it is becoming one that is more common. Of all the different charges that are associated with drugs, drug traffickers are amongst the most harshly punished. Many of these charges center around drug trafficking on Interstate 80 as it has become a drug corridor to move drugs throughout the country and into the east coast. Even federal drug officers have focused attention on I-80 in order to catch drug trafficking rings. The Nebraska State Patrol and local agencies almost always have a presence on this road as well. They stop any vehicle that they can, using special techniques and tricks in order to search the vehicle and the people. Often, they will focus on out of state cars and rental cars. Called “Interstate Drug Interdiction,” the police often violate rights in order to complete these searches.

Without a Nebraska drug trafficking lawyer, you may have no idea that your rights were violated at all. In many instances, they were violated in such a way that your entire case can be dismissed in court. If you believe that a drug trafficking attorney in Nebraska can help you, reach out to us today at (855) 980-6961.

Drug Trafficking in Nebraska Penalties

Drug trafficking penalties in Nebraska can vary widely depending on the type of drug involved in the case, the amount of drugs involved, and even how many people are involved. Drug trafficking is considered to be a felony charge, which means that it carries with it higher fines, sentences, and repercussions for the rest of your life. It isn’t rare for someone to face up to life in prison and fines above $25,000. For certain drugs, the penalties are only getting more severe as we face epidemics and higher numbers of drug deaths.

Defenses To Drug Trafficking In Nebraska

As the court system is looking for drug cases to set an example, it can be difficult to find defenses to drug trafficking charges in Nebraska. However, it is possible for an experienced drug lawyer to do so because they know the most common places to look. Often, the police do not act in a legal manner when they search you, your home, or your vehicle. There may have also been some illegalities in your continued detention, stopping the vehicle in the first place, and any other treatment that you may have encountered. Only an experienced drug lawyer can help you to answer these questions and use those answers to your benefit.

If the police officer at the “scene of the crime” finds any kind of drugs directly in a person’s possession, the drugs, and other evidence, could be suppressed if the police were not legally allowed to search you. This is dictated under both the US and Nebraska Constitutions. Other trafficking defenses can include questioning the field drug tests, arguing the actual amount of drugs, and determining whether it was actually trafficking or simple possession.

Need A Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer Nebraska?

If you need to find an experienced and top-rated trafficking defense lawyer to help argue your case in court or help you to settle, you can do no better than Stockmann Law. The lead attorney, Dan Stockmann, has been handling drug cases throughout his entire career, with vast experience in arguing cases in court. He has a vast knowledge of your rights and how many drug searches go against them. He will investigate every possible angle in an effort to ensure that law enforcement did not infringe upon your constitutional rights when they pulled you over and searched your vehicle.

On top of that, he has experience in helping those who need it to seek help and protection against others involved in the case. He can also help you to seek help for drug treatment and ensuring that you do not have to worry about drug charges again.

If you believe that a drug trafficking attorney in Nebraska can help you, reach out to us today at (855) 980-6961.