St. James, Nebraska Drug Lawyer

St. James is an unincorporated area in Cedar County, Nebraska served by Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer Dan Stockmann. The area was first settled in 1856 and was the first county seat of the area. However, there is some debate about where St. James actually was situated – there were two former locations. The first one was where the Bow Creek met the Missouri River. The second one covered about 67 acres and was a bit to the south of the original location.

Today, St. James includes the St. James Marketplace, a bar and restaurant, several homes, and a Catholic cemetery. It is a nice little area with beautiful sights and a family feel. The Marketplace is probably the most popular place in St. James, a center of crafts, trade, and history for the area. Going to the Marketplace, which is actually an old historic school, will provide opportunities to buy goods and food, and it also has historical tours and informational sessions. There are also some great events on weekends that focus on family but also have prizes, food, fun, and even some great competition.

Directions to Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer from St. James, Nebraska

To get to Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer from St. James, follow NE-12 E and Hwy 20 E to I-129 E in Covington. You want to continue onto I-129 E/Hwy 20 E (signs for Dakota Avenue)

Next, take exit 1A to merge onto I-29 S toward US-75 BUS/Council Bluffs and drive for 82.3 miles. Then, you want to take exit 61B to merge onto I-680 W toward N Omaha and keep driving for 13.2 miles. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 3 to merge onto US-6 E/W Dodge Road and continue for 1.8 miles.

Continue on N 93rd St to your destination; Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto N 93rd Street.

Turn right and the destination will be on the left.

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