Top 3 Things Cops Look For In Drug Busts On I-80

Cops have a job that, just like other jobs, tend to become routine. When they show up for a drug bust on I-80, they know exactly what to look for and where to look for it. Whether they are looking in a regular traffic stop or they are stopping someone they think has been transporting controlled substances, they have a mental checklist in their heads.

If you have been stopped by a police officer, you will probably see them work through this checklist. There are a few specific things they will look for, including:


The first thing that cops look for is drug paraphernalia. For drug transportation and sales, they will likely look for things like small plastic baggies, scales, and a large number of cell phones. These are the marketings of drug cartels and drug transporters who need to be able to package their goods and ensure that they give away the right quantities.

If they see any of this paraphernalia sitting around, they are likely to get the drug sniffing dogs out or start to ask questions about what it is. Depending on the answers, it could lead to a pretty substantial drug bust.


Another thing that the police will look for during a drug bust is a large amount of cash. In today’s world, most people deal with credit cards or debit cards and they don’t use cash. If someone has a lot of money on them in cash, in particular in smaller bills, they automatically become far more interesting to the police. Now, there are other reasons why someone may have a large amount of money on them – they could be a hairdresser, waitress, or some other profession that gets tips in cash. Even so, it is a sign that many cops look for when they start to search vehicles.

They won’t say anything about a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars in cash, most likely. They are looking for extremely high amounts of money that are wrapped up or hastily hidden.

Something Sitting Out

Mostly, however, the cops will be looking for something that is just sitting out for them to see. The reason? The police are not allowed to just search your vehicle without a warrant. If they are able to see something that is suspicious, then they are able to look through your vehicle. This includes the items listed above as well as actual drugs. As this is your personal property, if you do not have anything sitting around to give them suspicion, they cannot just search your car without your permission.

A bonus thing that many police officers will look for? They will look for people who do not know their rights or who they can workover and just get permission to search them. Many people don’t realize that they have rights in their own vehicles, and they will consent to a search. Once you’ve consented, anything that they find can be used against you in court. If you did not give permission and they still search, that can get the entire case against you eliminated.

Contact A Nebraska Drug Lawyer As Soon As Possible

No matter what, a drug possession charge can have far-reaching impacts on your job, housing, child custody, and general reputation in a community. It can be much more challenging to get or keep a job if you have any kind of drug charge in your history. 

If you or someone that you love is facing the possibility of a drug charge in Nebraska, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Nebraska drug lawyer like Daniel Stockmann immediately. He will help you to sort out the facts of your case and offer assistance. For help as soon as possible, contact a Nebraska drug lawyer at 844-545-3022.