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If you have been charged with embezzlement, or any other white collar crime, you need to contact an embezzlement lawyer in Omaha, NE as soon as possible. This is a very serious charge that has significant consequences on the life, business, and future of anyone who is convicted of the crime.

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    Between any two people, trust is extremely important. Whether it is in a business or a personal relationship, trust is crucial. Embezzlement most often happens at a place of employment. A charge of embezzlement can make that nearly impossible for most people, and it can even hurt your relationship with other people in your industry. Simply put, it will make it very difficult for you to do business ever again.

    If you have been charged with embezzlement, it is important to contact an experienced embezzlement lawyer in Omaha, NE that has the skills and tenacity to take on your case. This is a very serious crime and it requires a lot of attention. At Stockmann Law, we have those skills. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. 

    Embezzlement Meaning: What Is It In Nebraska?

    Embezzlement is a form of theft that occurs in a corporate setting. A person, usually the defendant, has been given the privilege of managing the property, funds, or accounts of someone else. Instead of using them for the allotted reasons, the defendant is accused of using the funds for his or her own usage.

    Embezzlement is essentially a combination of betrayal of trust and theft. The person who owned the account believed that the other person would act in their best interests and do what they were supposed to do with the money. The owner of the account feels like they have been betrayed on a financial level as well as a personal level. 

    If embezzlement cases were to go to trial, it is likely that the jury would not look upon them with kindness because this type of betrayal is something that so many people know extremely well. This is why you need a world-class embezzlement lawyer from Nebraska on your side. At Stockmann Law, we know how to build defenses in embezzlement cases. Contact us today so that we can get started with a free case evaluation that looks at the details of your case and details how we will be able to help you moving forward.

    Embezzlement Examples

    There are quite a few different forms of embezzlement that occur in many parts of the country, particularly in workplaces and to the elderly. Some of the most common forms of embezzlement include payroll fraud, creating fake bank accounts to deposit money into, completing unauthorized money transfers, and hiding assets. 

    In order for something to qualify as “embezzlement” under the law, it has to meet four key criteria:

    1. Establishing a fiduciary relationship between the defendant and the other party in question;
    2. The defendant received the stolen property as a result of this fiduciary relationship;
    3. The defendant has taken on the ownership role of the property;
    4. The transfer of ownership was done so intentionally.

    If you think that you have committed embezzlement, even if you haven’t been charged yet, you may want to talk to a lawyer to hear about your options. They can help you to move forward and try to negotiate out of court before things get too serious or involved and you have to take your care to court, which could impact your reputation.

    For one of the toughest, smartest embezzlement lawyers in Omaha, NE, contact Stockmann Law today. Our legal team will work with you to figure out all the details of your case and try to make it right for you. If you have been charged with embezzlement, Stockmann Law and Daniel Stockmann can get to work right away to build up a defense for you.

    Embezzlement Penalties In NE

    Embezzlement is one of the more serious white collar crimes that a person can commit, as it carries several different penalties that can disrupt someone’s life, including jail time, severe fines, and other charges and punishments, such as restitution and community service. 

    The extent of your charges will depend on the severity of the crime, who is involved in the case, and the amount of money that was embezzled. Someone who embezzled $50,000 will get a lesser punishment than someone who embezzled $500,000. 

    The average jail time for embezzlement is somewhere between a year in jail to 30 years in jail. The best way to avoid going to jail if you are guilty of embezzlement, is to have a lawyer fight for you and negotiate out of court. However, sometimes this isn’t possible and you will have to go to trial. In these situations, you want to ensure that your lawyer has trial experience as well. Daniel Stockmann, and his team at Stockmann Law, has the experience necessary to help you negotiate if at all possible, but they also have the experience in mounting and presenting a defense in the court room. Contact him today for a free case evaluation.

    How To Defend Embezzlement Charges In Nebraska

    If you have been accused of embezzlement, the first thing you need to do is find a qualified embezzlement lawyer who has vast experience with white collar crimes. At Stockmann Law, our lawyers take the time to read into your case and help you understand just what you face. Once we agree to work together, our expert legal team gets to work and examines the evidence carefully, finding any inconsistencies or areas where the case against you is weak. 

    If we find that the grounds for your embezzlement charge in Nebraska exist, then we can help you to settle the matter out of court or come to an agreement to preserve your reputation. Often, this included giving restitution for your actions.

    While no embezzlement lawyer can promise to eliminate your charges, you have a better shot of that happening if you go to a lawyer that has experience in embezzlement and other white collar crimes. Daniel Stockmann is a lawyer with decades of experience handling the Nebraska legal system. He, along with his smart legal team, is ready to help you. Contact him today to get started.

    Commit An Embezzlement Crime? Contact An Omaha, NE Lawyer ASAP

    If you have been charged with embezzlement, you need to find a lawyer as soon as possible. If you have been unjustly accused of embezzlement, you need to seek legal advice from a lawyer. If you did commit embezzlement, you need to find a lawyer as well. It is important to find a lawyer that you trust because these charges can impact your life and your ability to do business forever.

    Once an attorney has agreed to work with you, he will examine the evidence to determine what the best course of action is. At Stockmann Law, we start working on the very first day to build a case for you and try to determine what the case against you will be. Often, we end up negotiating out of court, which is better for your reputation and your family.

    If the grounds do exist for your charge, we will work with your employer to settle the matter or try to reach a plea deal with the prosecution. If necessary, Daniel Stockmann has vast experience arguing in court and will defend your rights vigorously. 

    To schedule your free case consultation with Stockmann Law, give us a call today. We will meet with you to start working on a defense and helping you with what to do next. To do this, however, you need to call.