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Throughout the country, including in Nebraska, white collar crimes lawyers are seeing an increase in the number of cases they take on. With a legal team that understands the intricacies of white collar crimes, you will be able to build a defense against false claims against you or build a strategy to negotiate plea bargains for reduced penalties if you did commit a crime.

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    With offices in Omaha, NE the white collar crimes lawyers at Stockmann Law are veterans of the legal system throughout the state and dedicated advocates for our clients. We never judge or lecture you about the crimes committed. Instead, we immediately jump to action and start looking into all of the information available to us.

    Remember that no matter what crime you commit, in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. Too often with white collar crime cases, the court of public opinion takes over before the actual courts get to hear your case. With the team at Stockmann Law, including Daniel Stockmann, you may be able to preserve your reputation, build a solid defense against your charges, and come out the other side with your freedom intact.

    Nebraska White Collar Crime Examples

    White collar crimes are typically nonviolent charges that are motivated by personal, status, or financial gains. Some of the most common Nebraska white collar crime examples include bribery, fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, and more.

    The experienced legal team at Stockmann Law protects your rights and help defend those accused of:

    • Bank Fraud
    • Corporate Corruption
    • Embezzlement
    • Healthcare Fraud (including Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Health Plans)
    • Identity Theft
    • Internet Scams
    • Mail Fraud
    • Money Laundering
    • Ponzi Schemes
    • Public Corruption
    • Racketeering
    • Securities Fraud
    • Tax Fraud
    • Tax Conspiracy
    • Wire Fraud

    White collar crime cases are particularly unique amongst crimes because they are nonviolent but are classified as felonies and carry extreme penalties. This is why you need the assistance of a qualified white collar crimes lawyer in Omaha, NE if you have been charged with a crime. Even if you are innocent, you still need someone to get to the bottom of the case mounted against you and fight for you.

    It’s important to note that a very, very small fraction of white collar crime cases actually go to court. Instead, an experienced, tough white collar crimes lawyer will negotiate a plea bargain to keep your reputation, family, and business safe.

    Types of White Collar Crimes In Nebraska

    While there are many different types of white collar crimes in Nebraska, there are some that are more common in Nebraska than others. The most common cases we see include:

    Bankruptcy Fraud: Bankruptcy fraud is when someone files for bankruptcy in order to eliminate their insurmountable debt. This relief often causes creditors to lose money. If someone files for bankruptcy while intentionally hiding assets or property, they can be charged with bankruptcy fraud.

    Corporate Fraud: These cases involve falsifying financial information, getting insider trading tips, and schemes that conceal corporate fraud activities. In these types of cases, there is usually a web of guilty players that work together to conceal these activities.

    Embezzlement: Another common case, particularly when someone is going through a divorce or a splitting of assets. Embezzlement happens when someone trusts another person to handle their money or property and that person misappropriated the funds. One example of this white collar crime is when an employee funnels company money into their own accounts. Perhaps they say that they spent a certain amount of money on something, but they end up spending only a fraction of that and then pocketing the rest.

    Extortion: Extortion is when a person, typically a person in power, coerces another person to give up money, services, or property. One example of this is when someone demands money from another person. If that person doesn’t “pay up,” the other party will release potentially damaging information about them.

    Ponzi Schemes: Ponzi schemes are investment scams that promise high returns for little to no risk on the part of the investor. These schemes are usually extremely sophisticated and those involved focus their efforts on bringing in new people to pay off older ones. Unfortunately, they usually target the elderly and those in positions of need.

    As mentioned, these are just a few of the examples of white collar crimes in Nebraska. There are many, many other white collar crimes out there. If you have been charged with any white collar crime, be sure to reach out to Stockmann Law as soon as possible. Daniel Stockmann, as well as his legal team, will help you get your life back and defend you in court. Not only that, but they can help you come up with a plan to recover your reputation and continue living your life. Contact him today to schedule a free case evaluation.

    Omaha White Collar Fraud Lawyer Serving All Of Nebraska

    Daniel Stockmann is a white collar fraud lawyer that serves all of Nebraska. With offices in Omaha, he has decades of experience helping people retain their good standing in a community and prove their innocence. In cases where someone is guilty, he can help you to reduce your sentence or even eliminate the charges all together.

    Contact Daniel Stockmann today for more information and to schedule a free case evaluation with Stockmann Law, Omaha, NE white collar crimes lawyers.

    Occupational Crimes Lawyer In Omaha, NE

    Occupational crime is a complicated form or law that starts when an employee unlawfully uses their company’s information, funds, data, or property. These crimes typically do not involve physical violence of any kind and therefore fall under the “white collar crimes” category.

    Sometimes these crimes will include multiple parties and sometimes they will individuals. The most common occupational crime examples are:

    • Altering company records
    • Embezzlement
    • Misusing Company Data
    • Money Laundering
    • Racketeering
    • Securities Violations
    • Stock Violations
    • Tax Fraud

    There are a few common categories including:

    Crimes of Trust, when there is a deliberate act to commit a crime but at least one victim does not know that anything is going on while working toward the goal of the crime. For example, someone working in an office that delivers messages between people that are crimes, but they do not know what those messages contain.

    Business Operations Crimes, when there are crimes committed to further a business, but those operations are not the central focus of said business.

    Employment Crimes, such as accepting bribes to work with certain businesses. For example, a real estate company that gets bribed to use a specific sign printing company for every job.

    In some cases, the entire purpose of the business is a crime, which is common in real estate fraud.

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    If your case does go to trial, Daniel Stockmann has experience in the courtroom, advocating for those accused of white collar crimes. Not all lawyers have this experience because they always settle out of court, but that isn’t always possible. Give yourself the best opportunity by calling an experienced white collar crimes lawyer. Call us now to get started.