Trafficking in Nebraska

Trafficking in Nebraska is becoming commonplace, and of all crimes associated with drugs, this charge is by far the most severe. Running directly through Nebraska, Interstate 80 (I-80), especially, has become one of the interstates most used for moving drugs across state lines to the eastern  parts of the United States. The Nebraska State Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies, have stopped countless vehicles traveling on I-80 with the intent of searching them in the hopes of finding illegal drugs located inside the vehicles. Law enforcement agencies utilize specific techniques and methods designed to stop and search vehicles. These traffic stops and vehicle searches are commonly referred to as "interstate drug interdiction" cases.

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    Trafficking in Nebraska Penalties

    The punishment for drug trafficking in Nebraska can vary widely depending on several key factors, including the type and amount of drugs involved. Drug trafficking is considered a felony and, put simply, the penalties you face will be some of the harshest you can possibly imagine.  Depending on the substance and the quantity, penalties can range from a maximum of 20 years, 50 years or life imprisonment with fines of either $10,000.00 or $25,000.00.

    Trafficking in Nebraska Defense

    One of the first things our drug defense lawyers look for when defending someone accused of trafficking in Nebraska is whether the police themselves acted in a legal manner. When defending a drug trafficking case, an attorney might introduce challenges to the legality of law enforcement's traffic stop of the vehicle, the continued detention of the suspect following completion of the purpose of the initial traffic stop, or to the validity of consent to search the vehicle and if the search was warrantless.

    If the police officer finds drugs directly in a person's possession, the drugs and other evidence could be suppressed if the police did not follow the proper procedures required under the U.S. or Nebraska Constitution. Other trafficking in Nebraska defenses include strategies such as whether the actual weight of the substance was correct when allowing for hydration, whether the chemical composition of the substance was correct as charged, and whether there was joint or constructive possession of the substance.

    Trafficking in Nebraska Defense Lawyer

    For effectively defending the trafficking in Nebraska charges and vehicle searches, you can do no better than Stockmann Law. Leading attorney Dan Stockmann has established a strong reputation throughout his 15 year criminal defense career as a lawyer who possesses vast knowledge of your constitutional rights, and how to use that knowledge to bring about a dismissal or lesser charge. He will investigate every possible angle in an effort to ensure that law enforcement did not infringe upon your constitutional rights when they pulled you over and searched your vehicle.