Transportation of Controlled Substances in Nebraska

The transportation of controlled substances in Nebraska, put simply, takes place when a person transports illegal drugs from one area to another. This individual will have full knowledge of the object, the ability to exercise control over it, in addition to the full knowledge of its illegality. The transportation of drugs applies to any amount of drugs regardless of the quantity or the distance traveled. The kinds of cases that span across state borders can be charged under federal or state law, but likely will also include the added charge of drug distribution.

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    Drug distribution can be tied into the charges of transportation of controlled substances in Nebraska because the purpose of transferring those drugs to another person also includes sales or barter. What makes the difference in the sentencing depends on the drug, the amount, the distribution, whether minors were involved, and whether the crimes will be charged under federal or state drug distribution laws.

    Transportation of Controlled Substances in Nebraska Penalties

    As explained above, arrests and prosecutions of transportation of controlled substances in Nebraska charges carry many hidden charges, including the possibility of a possession or sales charges. So, in some cases, penalties can be two to three times higher. Drug legislation is also constantly changing and varies widely from state to state, and can be charged federally, both of which can carry their own distinct set of laws.

    What is not relevant is the drugs transported. The three major categories of drugs fall under the same law, and therefore whether you transport cocaine, heroin, or prescription pills, the transportation of controlled substances offense is treated in the same light. The punishment for transporting the listed drugs can include incarceration in a state or federal prison, depending on which jurisdiction brings the charges.

    Other consequences for the conviction of criminal drug transportation or drug distribution may potentially include probation, seizure of property, court ordered counseling or rehabilitation, and almost certainly significant fines.

    Transportation of Controlled Substances in Nebraska Defense

    To be convicted of transportation of controlled substances offenses, law enforcement must bring facts to the prosecution which support that either you transported, sold, furnished, administered, or gave away a controlled substance or offered to transport, sell, furnish, administer, or give away a controlled substance, and that you knew it was a controlled substance.

    Besides proving factual innocence through providing valid prescription or other legal rationale for possession, the expert team at Stockmann Law can employ many strategies to help get the case dropped or the penalties reduced. In many instances, there is basic lack of evidence brought to the table. Other times, it can be proven that the entire case was botched by illegal or improper police procedure. The defendant may have even had a lack of knowledge that the illicit drugs were present in the first place.

    Transportation of Controlled Substances in Nebraska Defense Lawyer

    It should not be surprising that an experienced lawyer is needed to deal with the complexity and severity of a transportation of controlled substances offense. There are of course other options that would have to be explored and investigated including: drug treatment programs, unlawful search and seizure defenses, as well as several other trial techniques that could get you the result that is best for you. With over 20 years in criminal defense, attorney Dan Stockmann can help you devise a strategy and secure the best possible result for you.