What A Drug Possession Charge Means For Your Career

If you have a specific career, there is a good chance that it might be impacted by a drug possession charge. Now, all careers can be impacted if you have to go to jail and your place of employment does not hold your place. Many professions require that practitioners carry a license or certification and have routine background checks. In those cases, the impact of a drug possession charge in Nebraska could be more significant. You could lose your ability to practice in those states altogether.

It is important to have a drug lawyer that can help you to overcome your charges so that you can keep your certification and career. Here are some of the jobs hit the hardest by a drug possession charge:

Working In The Medical Field With A Drug Charge

If you are in the medical field and get arrested on a drug possession charge, you could lose the career that you have worked so hard to build. Physicians can lose their medical license through the Medical Board if they have been charged with possession, use, distribution, or trafficking of drugs. In some cases, physicians may also lose their licenses for drug abuse – especially if there was drug use while on the job. For those who have an addiction problem, there is a chance that entering into a treatment program could help to get the chance to practice again.

For physician assistants, a drug charge could cause you to lose your medical license as well. Anyone convicted of a felony is at risk of losing the right to practice. It is important to note that once again, the use of drugs does not necessarily mean the loss of license if you seek treatment. However, the abuse, sale, or distribution of drugs that were not for medicinal purposes can result in permanent loss of license.  The same can be said of nurses, except that in many cases, there doesn’t even need to be a conviction. Typically, the Commissioner of Public Health is involved and will determine whether the nurse did not meet the “accepted standards of the nursing profession.”

Held to an even higher standard is the pharmacist. They can lose their pharmacy licenses and permit to practice if they have been found to violate any criminal statute relating to drugs, devices, or the practice of pharmacy. In many states, it doesn’t matter if it occurred in-state or in another country. 

Teaching With A Drug Charge

In order to teach in Nebraska or any other state in the United States (at a public school), you must obtain a teaching certificate. If you lose this certificate for any reason, you cannot teach at public schools. There are many reasons for which your certificate may be revoked, including the use of drugs. For many states, drug use is covered under a general clause that may impair the ability of that person to teach. However, felonies are almost always a sure way to get a teaching certificate eliminated.

For those charged with possession or intent, the general public will likely start a campaign to have the teacher removed.

Being A Pilot With a Drug Charge

The FAA may suspend or revoke an aircraft license if they have been convicted of any law related to the use, distribution, or possession of a controlled substance – other than “simple possession.” While the statute does seem to infer that the pilot needs to have been flying or using the aircraft while using the drugs, that is not always the case. The FAA can still suspend if the aircraft was not used. Regardless, a charge could impact employment opportunities.

Contact A Nebraska Drug Lawyer As Soon As Possible

No matter what, a drug possession charge can have far-reaching impacts on your job, housing, child custody, and general reputation in a community. It can be much more difficult to get a keep a job if you have any kind of drug charge in your history. 

If you or someone that you love is facing the possibility of a drug charge in Nebraska, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Nebraska drug lawyer immediately. He will help you to sort out the facts of your case and offer assistance. For help as soon as possible, contact a Nebraska drug lawyer at 844-545-3022.