Raeville, Nebraska Drug Lawyer

Raeville is an unincorporated area in Nebraska served by Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer Dan Stockmann. Raeville has a storied history of things being built, closing, and then opening again – which is why it was so easily taken over by families who wanted the land for farms. While it is unknown if the rumor is true, according to local tradition, it was named for two brothers who had the surname Rae. A small area, only 0.05 square miles with no water, it is still a nice place to visit.

It is a smaller town with a population of around 22 according to the 2010 census, which is down from the 2000 census. While it is small, it has three privately owned farms that help to provide local areas with food and goods. Raeville is also home to the still-active St. Bonaventure Church Complex, which regularly brings people into the area for activities, worship services, and more.

Since the area is so small and has privately owned farms, everyone knows everyone and many people here are related. The households do have some children, though the average age tends to be around 40.

Directions to Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense Lawyer from Raeville, Nebraska

To get to Nebraska Interstate Drug Lawyer from Raeville, take 110th St to NE-14 S. You want to stay on NE-14 S for 16.1 miles. You will have to turn left onto NE-14 S/NE-91 E/W State Street and then continue to follow NE-14 S/NE-91 E for 0.4 miles, you should pass by a Pizza Hut on the way.

Then, turn left onto NE-91 E and drive for 67.2 miles. After that, turn right onto US-275 E for 21.8 miles.

Use the right lane to merge onto US-275 E/US-30 E via the ramp to Omaha and continue to follow US-275 E for another 20.4 miles.

Next, continue onto NE-28B Link for 3.7 miles. This will turn to US-6 E where you will stay for 7.4 miles.

Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto N 93rd Street, turn right, and the destination will be on your left is 154 feet.

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