Weed Lawyer in Omaha: MJ Likely to Remain Illegal in 2018

As a weed lawyer in Omaha following potential legislative changes is paramount for Stockmann Law. While much of the country is relaxing laws or making marijuana legal in some capacity, Nebraska has been quite firm in its resolve not to make any changes. Many groups have been pushing back anyway, in an effort to at least get approval for medical marijuana, but it looks as if they’ve already thrown in the towel for that happening in 2018.

The Marijuana Policy Project has Given Up Hope for a 2018 Vote

The Marijuana Policy Project, a group which has been instrumental in having pro-marijuana legislation passed in several states such as California, Arizona, Minnesota, and Maine, feels it’s not worthwhile to push for a vote this coming November. It’s “too late in the year to mount an effective campaign at this point,” their spokesman Morgan Fox explained in a March statement. While support is presently at an all-time high, more serious campaigning would have to be done in order to get any new legislation to pass. Supporters hoped they’d be able to capitalize on this, but the Marijuana Policy Project opted to hold off while waiting to see if the Nebraska Legislature would allow voters to decide on adding medical marijuana in the state constitution. The resolution’s sponsor, however, determined there were not enough votes for it to advance yet. “I feel confident that if the Legislature doesn’t do anything in the 2019 session, it will be on the ballot in 2020,” Sen. Anna Wishart of Lincoln said.

Prepare for a Massive Campaign in 2020

“We are beginning to organize a robust medical marijuana campaign in 2020 in Nebraska,” the Marijuana Policy Project’s spokesperson declared. The group plans to help finance some of the costs associated with petition drives, which typically cost in the realm of $1 million to gather enough signatures for ballot placement and will bring organizational expertise, having multiple successes under its belt already. Wishart concurs, not only because she’s seen polls that suggest medical marijuana will win by a landslide if put before Nebraska voters, such as the most recent one which had a voter approval rate of 77%, but also because of the reports she’s getting directly from constituents, medical professionals, and patients.

Two Other Petitions are on File with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office

Even though the medical marijuana campaign has halted for 2018, there are two other petitions on file. The first would decriminalize marijuana possession if less than one ounce of the substance is involved. The second would permit unlimited marijuana use within the state. It’s unclear whether the first will gain enough traction among voters, though experts say the second has little chance of passing.

Retain an Experienced Weed Lawyer in Omaha

Regardless of where the legislation may be headed, it’s still a crime to have any amount of any cannabis product for any reason in the state of Nebraska. Moreover, those who are convicted face serious consequences which can impact their entire life and may include time behind bars. If you’ve been picked up for a marijuana-related crime, you’ll need the help of an experienced weed lawyer in Omaha. Daniel Stockmann is that attorney. With nearly two decades of work and a law practice focused on drug-related issues, Mr. Stockmann has an impeccable track record and is wholly dedicated to helping his clients beat their charges and move on with their lives. To get a free consultation with Mr. Stockmann, call (844) 906-0641 or complete the form on this page and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.