At a Traffic Stop, What Personal Items Can Be Used as Evidence Against Me?

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If an arrest is made pursuant to a traffic stop and search of a vehicle, law enforcement will most certainly seize any electronic devices that are found in the vehicle.  This would include laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.  They will then obtain a search warrant to search the contents of those electronic devices in order to try to develop any further evidence to use against you in court.

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    The police will also search the phone or tablet or device for any old text messages, browser history, email messages, photographs, things of that nature.  Anything that they can find on the phone can be used as evidence to support the charges.  This often happens in cases where the allegation is that the driver or occupants of the vehicle possessed more than a user amount of marijuana, as law enforcement would want to see where the person had been traveling just prior to his arrest.

    If large sums of cash are recovered during the search of a vehicle, this money will be seized as well and officers will attempt to use that as further evidence of a person’s intent to distribute the narcotics that were found in the vehicle.