Lawyer for Drug Charges in Omaha: Intent to Buy in CO Legal

As a lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, Daniel Stockmann sees a lot of cases related to Colorado marijuana purchases with out-of-state clients. One of the latest situations emerging in the media today is two years in the making and is positive news for those caught with drug cash in Nebraska, as well as for those who appreciate when the laws are carried out the way they should be. It’s also a reminder that it’s important to choose an experienced lawyer for drug charges in Omaha because the wrong choice can cost you years of your life and so much more.

Two Minnesota Men were Apprehended in Lancaster County

This story dates back to 2014, but even then law enforcement was using the same tricks they do today. Per the news reports, Erik Felsheim was traveling on Interstate 80, just west of Lincoln. He and his companion were headed from Waseca, Minnesota to Golden, Colorado when a sheriff deputy performed a traffic stop, claiming Felsheim was following the car in front of him too closely. Felsheim admitted to the deputy that he was nervous and refused an initial request to search the vehicle. He later gave consent, setting off a chain of events that would result in his companion being sentenced to jail time.

They Faced the Same Charges

The search turned up $65,000, which Felsheim claimed belonged to both him and his passenger. He also freely admitted that the pair intended to use the funds to purchase marijuana in Colorado, where it’s legal. However, he also admitted that he planned to take the stash back to Mankato, Minnesota, where he went to college. Both men received two charges; aiding the consummation of delivery of a controlled substance and possession of money intended to be used to facilitate a drug violation. Both men also went in front of the same judge, but the outcomes couldn’t be more different.

One Man Went Free and the Other Did Not

The difference between the two is that the passenger opted to plead “no contest.” The judge sentenced him to 360 days behind bars and gave him a $2,000 fine. Felsheim admitted his intent, but argued that he hadn’t committed a crime in Nebraska. Moreover, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he intended to bring the marijuana back through Nebraska, even if he did intend to take it back to Minnesota. The very same judge that sentenced his companion took a 1975 Nebraska Supreme Court ruling into consideration when determining Felsheim’s fate. In State v. Karsten, the court ruled that a person could not be found guilty of a crime that occurred in another state. Though the circumstances and charges were different, the judge in Felsheim’s case concurred that she did not have jurisdiction to charge him as guilty of a crime that may have occurred in Minnesota. He went free.

Lawyer for Drug Charges in Omaha

If you’ve been targeted by Nebraska lawmen and are facing serious marijuana or narcotics charges, you need the help of an experienced lawyer for drug charges in Omaha who can deliver extraordinary results. For nearly two decades, Daniel Stockmann has been serving the area and has countless success stories under his belt. If you’d like a free case evaluation with Mr. Stockmann, contact (844) 545-3022 today.