Nebraska Drug Bust Yields Over a Pound of Cocaine, Guns, and Just About Everything Else

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One large drug bust after the other was made recently, starting with two Lincoln county men arrested for dealing in cocaine.

Charged in one drug bust was 25-year-old Zachary R. Gibbs and 22-year-old Dustin J. Klatt. Jointly, the men were carrying more than 140 grams of cocaine and possessing a gun (which counts as a felony if they possessor was committing a felony).

The bail was set very high by Judge James Foster, at $200,000 each. At a 10 percent bond, they would have to post $20,000 to get out of jail; however, both remain still remain behind bars, recent jail records show.

Police were first tipped off by a source in Omaha that Zachary R. Gibbs was allegedly buying a lot of cocaine. The police then proceeded to stake outside of the suspect’s house, as investigators watched Gibbs leave the house and take the I-80 on-ramp east. They later spotted the vehicle just before 9 p.m. Wednesday night at West Adams and Northwest 48th street, without a front license plate. After officers pulled the vehicle over, they found Gibbs driving and Klatt in the passenger seat.

Officer Anthony Gratz said both individuals looked nervous, were breathing hard, swallowing a lot, and taking a long time to answer questions. After Gratz inquired about if he had a gun, Gibbs told police he had a loaded handgun in the center console and a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Officer Gratz then asked if there was anything in the vehicle he should know about, to which Gibbs comically replied there may be a little cocaine.

A group of officers then searched the car and found more than “a little cocaine,” uncovering more than pound, a loaded Ruger 9mm, and a 40-caliber pistol.

Following the arrest, police were given a search warrant to Gibbs’ house, where they found 43 grams of coke, 65 ecstasy pills, 21 grams of ecstasy powder, 33 hydrocodone pills and nine guns. In addition to that, police also found different-sized baggies, owe note and ledgers, confirming that he was a prominent drug dealer.

In an unrelated drug bust on Wednesday, Lincoln/Lancaster County Narcotics Task force were tipped off that a red Jeep Grand Cherokee was about to deliver meth on the southeast corner of 27th and O street.

A staked out investigator saw a man give more than a pound of methamphetamine to someone outside the car. Police then apprehended 29-year-old Ariel Montoya Carlos after the alleged drug deal had taken place, uncovering a loaded 9mm between the driver’s seat and the center console.

He was charged with a felony on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance with an intent to deliver, and another felony for having a gun while dealing drugs. The jail records show that Carlos is still being held behind bars