Omaha Criminal Lawyer: Marijuana Laws Fuel Border War

Daniel Stockmann is a leading Omaha criminal lawyer. He has been practicing for nearly 20 years and has helped thousands of clients gain favorable outcomes. His expertise rests in defending clients who have had their rights violated by authorities in drug-related arrests, which are frequent in Nebraska considering its proximity to states with more relaxed laws on marijuana use. In fact, these marijuana laws have been the fuel for a border war between states.14

Opposite Extremes Across State Lines

A border war has fired up between Nebraska and Colorado, two states that have nearly opposite views of recreational marijuana. In Colorado, people 21 years and older can purchase and consume certain amounts of marijuana legally. In Nebraska, even medical cannabis has not been legalized yet. Because the states share a border, there are common occurrences of Nebraskans attempting to travel back home with marijuana purchased in Colorado. This is, of course, still illegal under federal law.

This is partly why Nebraska attorney general (in partnership with Oklahoma attorney general) filed a lawsuit to stop marijuana coming into the state from Colorado. Their view is that Colorados law will cause long-term harm to Nebraska families. Conservatives in Nebraska also have concerns over the potency of marijuana coming in from Colorado. Because of the variety of strains and its popularity there, marijuana that people purchase in Colorado often boasts higher levels of THC. Many government officials are concerned that this high-intensity marijuana is getting into the wrong hands and causing harm to citizens of Nebraska. Others who see no problem with Colorados marijuana laws believe that Nebraska simply has issues with the federal government not enforcing federal law in all states.

What Colorado is Doing to Play by the Rules

Dispensaries in Colorado have signs up stating the law: It is illegal to sell or transport marijuana to another state. Most agree that customers are not blind to the law, but that doesnt mean that they still dont break it. Law enforcement officials admit that it is often easy to transport legally purchased marijuana across state lines. If a person takes it out of the package and puts it in another container, its impossible to tell if its legal or even where it came from originally.

Though several facilities in Colorado have been busted for growing marijuana with intent to sell and move across state lines, most are abiding by the laws. Dispensary operators are eager to keep the positive marijuana movement going and uphold all policies in place that help keep marijuana production and sales regulated. There are laws in place to determine how the pot is grown, harvested, packaged, sold, and used. Colorado even launched a $5.7 million advertising campaign to make certain that residents and tourists are aware of the law: taking pot in and out of the state is a federal violation.

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