Omaha Drug Attorney: Dispensary to Open on NE Border

Although a leading Omaha drug attorney, many of Daniel Stockmann’s clients aren’t actually Nebraskans. They’re people who made the mistake of passing through the state from Colorado (where marijuana is legal) to wherever they live in the country. Law enforcement officials are well aware that Nebraska’s interstates are heavily traveled by those leaving the Rocky Mountain State, and so they often lie in wait hoping to catch someone with out-of-state plates they can nail for marijuana possession or trafficking. It looks like there’s a fresh hotspot on the horizon, as a new dispensary has just been given approval to open on the Iowa/ Nebraska border.

The Dispensary Will Open December 2018

Even though Iowa approved marijuana by a landslide vote about a year ago, it has been slow to spread throughout the state. However, the Iowa Department of Public Health has now approved three different companies to begin operations across five cities.

Matt Walsh explained, “Patients that have a qualifying illness won’t have to drive great distances to a local community to get their medicine.” Walsh is Mayor of Council Bluffs, future home to the dispensary operated by Have a Heart. “From a patient standpoint,” he said, “we think it’s positive for the patients. There has been some success that patients have had with these chemicals that maybe they haven’t gotten any other way.”

Only Cannabis Oil Will Be for Sale

It’s also worth noting that the dispensary will only have cannabis oil available. Unlike other states which have legalized the leafy green variety, Iowa’s laws prohibit smokables. Strict criteria for prescribing must also be met and individuals in search of cannabis oil will need to demonstrate that they have a condition like cancer or epilepsy and obtain a permit before they can have the oil.

Expect Some Pushback from Nebraska Authorities

While those in Iowa are excited by the news, those on the Nebraska side of the border no doubt have apprehensions. The dispensary will be going up on 9th Avenue at Interstate 29, a stone’s throw from Omaha. Law enforcement has already been heavily patrolling Interstate 80 to catch people as they leave Colorado. It’s likely that, come December, they’ll be beefing up watch on the eastern side of the state as well.

Retain an Experienced Omaha Drug Attorney

With legalization efforts happening on every side of Nebraska and availability of various cannabis substances on the rise, it will no doubt lead to confusion among locals and travelers alike. Nebraska has not relaxed its laws at all—not for cannabis oils for medicinal use as Iowa has, and certainly not for the leafy green variety, as Colorado has. If you are in Nebraska with any kind of cannabis product, there’s a good chance you will be detained by authorities and will be subject to the full consequences of the law. While this can be particularly frightening, Omaha drug attorney Daniel Stockmann has dedicated his practice to helping people fight their marijuana-related charges and helping them get on with their lives. If you or a loved one is dealing with a situation like this, complete the form on this page or call (844) 906-0641 to get a free consultation with Mr. Stockmann.