Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer: Get Rid of Unused Meds Safely

Although the bulk of attorney Daniel Stockmann’s cases involve marijuana being transported on Nebraska’s interstates, as an Omaha drug charges lawyer, he routinely manages all types of substance-related offenses. One recurring theme across the entire United States is that those who do get hooked usually find themselves stuck for one of two reasons; either through pain medication after an accident, or during their teen years while experimenting. While the nation has created new laws aimed at reducing the abundance of prescription meds overall, kids are still getting their hands on them. Nebraska’s newest campaign aims to help reduce this, and other related problems, with a med take-back program.

Unused Prescriptions Pose Serious Risks to Kids

Most families have at least a few old prescriptions lying around; perhaps tucked away in medicine cabinets or gathering dust on a shelf. Unfortunately, kids are getting into them at an alarming rate. A whopping 38% of childhood poisonings involve kids getting into their grandparents’ medications. Older kids are not immune, though the aim is generally to find a substance that can be used recreationally. An alarming 20% of teens admit to abusing pain pills.  

Don’t Flush or Toss Your Meds

We know that it’s important to get the drugs out of our homes, but we also realize that they need to be handled appropriately. Researchers have noted that these potent medications are winding up in our water supply. Tests reveal that everything from oxycodone to birth control can be found in the average glass of tap water. At present levels, it isn’t hurting humans just yet, but it is affecting the plants and animals that live in the water. While some of this certainly winds up there due to human waste, another major component of it is that people are prone to flushing their old medications down the toilet or throwing them out in the trash. Either of these methods can allow the drugs to seep into the water supply.

Participate in the Drug Take-Back Program

Although most pharmacies will take old medications, it’s common for them to charge for the privilege. With Nebraska’s latest campaign, put on by the Nebraska MEDS Coalition, pharmacies can opt-in to a state-funded program that allows them to collect the medications and send them to the state for proper disposal free. According to, there are presently 25 pharmacies in and around Omaha that have already signed up for the program. You can find the closest drop-off point to you on their site.

Speak with an Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer

Prevention is obviously a key component when it comes to illegal substances, but if you or a loved one is already dealing with a legal problem, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced Omaha drug charges lawyer. Daniel Stockmann has been serving the area for nearly two decades and knows what it takes to help you stay out of jail and rebuild your life. Call (844) 906-0641 for a free consultation today.