Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer: Weed to Win the 2016 Elections

Omaha Drug charges lawyer Daniel Stockmann mostly caters to marijuana cases these days, especially those involving people accused of bringing it into Nebraska after leaving Colorado. The 2016 elections won’t change this just yet, but something new is emerging this year. For the first time in US history, every presidential candidate is more or less pro-weed, or at least stands in favor of states being allowed to choose. Moreover, most people in America are as well. It could well be that 2016 will be the year to change it all, with new legislation to follow across the nation.

Americans are Largely Pro-Marijuana

According to a Gallup poll, more than half of all Americans (58%) are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Even more Americans feel that federal laws should not apply in states that have legalized cannabis- to the tune of 60%. Additional polls have determined that 72% of all people agree that the cost of enforcing marijuana laws is more trouble than it’s worth.

Clinton Wants to Reclassify Marijuana

“I do think on the federal level we need to move marijuana from the Schedule I of drugs,” Hillary Clinton said in an interview earlier this year. “Move it to Schedule II, which will permit it to be the basis for medical research.” She also plans to continue with Obama’s hands-off approach on enforcement in states that have legalized marijuana. “I think that states are the laboratories of democracy, and four states have already taken action to legalize,” she said. “It will be important that other states and the federal government take account of how that’s being done, that we learn from what they’re doing.” Her website also clearly outlines these points as part of her platform.

Trump has Swayed Some, but Approves of Research

Over the years, Donald Trump has changed his opinion on drugs in general. There was a time, roughly 20 years or so ago, that he indicated he was in favor of ending the prohibition on drugs. As of last year, the certainty had diminished. “I think medical (marijuana) should happen,” he said. “And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states,” though he has also said that legalization in Colorado has good and bad points. His concerns center mainly around health risks. Unlike Clinton, Trump has mostly kept his thoughts on marijuana to himself. During an interview with Bill O’Reilly, he said little more than, “I would really want to think about that one.” Even still, the words he has given all seem to suggest his ideas are much like Clinton’s, in this respect.

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Ballots this year will undoubtedly bring about change across the country, though it’s still tough to say exactly what will change and when the changes will occur. As it stands now, if you’re charged with any kind of drug crime, including marijuana, the penalties are steep. For a free consultation with Daniel Stockmann, an experienced Omaha drug charges lawyer, call (844) 545-3022 today.