Omaha Drug Crimes Attorney: Heroin on the Rise

Our Omaha drug crimes attorney blog often covers news related to drugs on the streets, and lately, Nebraska’s law enforcement officers have been dealing with a lot more heroin and cocaine. While heroin arrests aren’t that frequent yet, it’s expected it eventually will become a major concern, overtaking methamphetamine as the most-used hard drug on the streets of Nebraska. The largest concerns for drug trafficking are Lincoln and Dawson counties right now, to the point a special task force was created to help combat the developments.

Drug Trends are Changing in Nebraska

According to Gallup Organization, back in the 1960s and 1970s marijuana was the major drug in the whole nation. It was overthrown by crack cocaine, which was at its prime in 1980s. By the 1990s, heroin and cocaine took the reins. However, these, too, were eventually phased out as methamphetamine became readily available, offering a similar high, and just as deadly results, for less money.

Meth and Heroin Use are Rising

Even though legalization of marijuana in Colorado seemed to increase usage of meth and other harder drugs in Nebraska, Sergeant Eric Rice says he doesn’t see the connection between the two. Methamphetamine still is the most-used hard drug in Nebraska, with 64 federal arrests in the first three quarters of 2016 by the task force. For comparison, there were only 13 in 2015. This big rise in arrest numbers is due to major drug bust in February from Scottsbluff to Grand Island, say officials, attempting to shrug off evidence of an upward trend. However, officials agree that heroin is on the rise. That trend is expected to catch up in west central Nebraska very quickly.

CODE Aims to End Street and Prescription Drug Abuse

The Nebraska State Patrol’s Cooperative Operation for Drug Enforcement Task Force, or CODE task force for short, is a federally-funded initiative designed to enforce drug laws in Nebraska. In 2015, CODE task force made 46 arrests, 29 in 2016. Throughout 2015, the group did not make any arrests for cocaine or heroin at all, but in 2016, the numbers climbed despite their efforts. Statistics show that drug addicts often look for prescription drugs as an alternative to street ones. Task force combats this, too, and they see the improvement. Doctors are now a lot more careful about their prescribing habits. As an unfortunate side-effect, it makes the drug addicts go back to street drugs.

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