Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer: 200-Pound Seizure on I-80

Our Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer blog routinely covers big busts as well as the habits of law enforcement patrolling I-80. The latest bears all the hallmarks seen across I-80 arrests for the past several years, but resulted in a much greater haul than most.

The Rig Was Stopped For A Minor Violation

According to reports, the semi involved in the bust was traveling on I-80 at roughly mile marker 305 when state troopers noted a license plate violation. These types of stops are common in busts; drivers rarely behave in a suspicious manner or have any kind of a violation like speeding. Rather, officers on the scene will cite things like “following too close” or “unsafe lane change” in order to have cause to do a stop.

A K-9 Unit Did a Sniff and Alerted at the Trailer

Although it’s not noted what the trooper detected that made him “suspicious,” he enlisted the help of a K-9 to do a sniff test around the outside of the rig and trailer. Because this is a passive test and not a form of search, law enforcement uses dogs routinely and do not require probable cause to do so. The dog detected a controlled substance inside the trailer and alerted the handler.

Over 200 Pounds Of Various Controlled Substances Were Found

With probable cause, as now provided by the K-9, troopers were allowed to conduct a search of the vehicle. Inside the trailer, they discovered massive quantities of various substances inside duffle bags. In all, 95 pounds of marijuana and 996 THC vape cartridges were discovered. Officers also confiscated 88 pounds of an unknown white power substance, which they believe is fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. Testing is underway to confirm this.

Two Suspects Were Charged

The two people inside the vehicle were both charged; the driver, from Ohio, and the passenger, from Georgia. Law enforcement essentially threw every charge at the pair that they thought might stick, ranging from possession to possession with intent to deliver, no drug tax stamp, and violations related to improperly maintaining the log for a commercial vehicle. If found guilty, charges like this can result in decades behind bars and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Retain An Experienced Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Cases like this can seem particularly grim for those charged. In situations like this, individuals are typically held within the State of Nebraska. They cannot go home to their families, work, or do anything beyond sit in a cell. This is where Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann comes in. His first order of business is always to attempt to arrange the release of his clients, so that they can go home to their families and live productive lives while their legal matter is being sorted out. He also works closely with his clients to learn the specifics of the arrest, and then identifies multiple avenues to minimize or eliminate the impact excessive imprisonment and fines will have on their lives. With a strong track record for success and a practice dedicated to beating even the most challenging drug charges, Mr. Stockmann is the one you want on your side if you or a loved one is dealing with a similar situation. Consultations are free. Complete the form on this page or call (844) 906-0641 to reserve your time with Mr. Stockmann now.