Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer: Doc Arrested for Opioids

Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann is all too familiar with the stigma attached to substance-related charges. Oftentimes, others presume his clients are guilty even before any evidence is heard. It’s also quite common for people to inaccurately surmise that those who are involved with substances come from a certain class; namely the uneducated and poor. While the latest news out of Nebraska is somber indeed, it’s a strong reminder that drug charges can happen to anyone. This is not a class issue. The person struggling could be your family member, neighbor, friend, co-worker, or even your physician.

A Local Doctor was Arrested on Drug Charges

Long-term patients of Dr. Jeffrey Fraser describe him as “kind,” “good,” and “friendly.” When Fraser Family Medicine shut down in January due to “illness,” patients were genuinely saddened and took to social media to wish him a speedy recovery. After being in practice for three decades, the doctor seemingly had it all, but around 2015, reviews for his practice took a turn for the worse. “Arrogant,” “rude,” and “uncaring,” became centralized themes. By 2017, Nebraska DHHS was looking into his behavior and notes he was cited for failure to keep adequate records, exhibiting a pattern of negligence, unprofessional conduct, and violating the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (UCSA). In January of this year, he went into work and reportedly told an employee, “I’m done,” before taking several pills and heading upstairs. His office manager contacted the authorities and reported that he was working under the influence of drugs and agents immediately began an investigation.

Fraser Admits He had a 60-Pill/ Day Habit

When authorities arrived at the practice, Fraser handed over a Fruit Loops Box with 240 doses of hydrocodone inside and a Smith & Wesson 638-3 Airweight revolver. He admitted he had been addicted for a year-and-half, sometimes taking as many as 60 pills in a single day. In order to get those pills, he had turned to at least two patients and one assistant. According to Assistant Nebraska Attorney General Mindy Lester, Fraser would meet patients in the parking lot with prescriptions in hand. One picked up a total of 2,700 hydrocodone tablets for him in less than a year. His medical assistant, who was a go-to until she became pregnant in 2017, claims the doctor would give her cash for prescriptions and allow her to keep the change. He was indicted in June and pled not guilty in July to obtaining controlled substance by fraud and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Retain an Experienced Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

People from all walks of life can get caught up in messy legal battles. If you or someone you love is dealing with a similar situation, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It means you need help. Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann understands how important it is to you to get your life back and maintain your reputation. He creates custom strategies based on each situation and has a strong track record for success. If you’d like to talk with him about your case, complete the form on this page or call (844) 906-0641 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.