Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer: Why Your Arrest Conduct Matters

Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann often handles cases involving drug busts on Nebraska’s I-80. Certain stretches of the interstate are known hotspots for illegal drug checks, especially for those unlucky enough to be caught with out-of-state plates. An Iowa man recently found out the hard way just how seriously the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department takes patrolling the area and how willing they are to use force to take a suspect down. In addition to needing an Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer of his own, the man also required medical treatment at the time of his arrest.

It Started Off as a “Typical” I-80 Drug Stop

Time and time again, Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann has seen local law enforcement use shady tactics to find cause to pull someone over and gain access to their vehicle. Though he does not represent the man in this particular case, reports indicate the gentleman who was stopped failed to signal before he changed lanes. This was all the cause the officer needed to pull him over lawfully. The officer allegedly said he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and that the driver was acting nervous. He also claims that the man indicated he had only been in town for one day while visiting a friend, which the officer felt was “suspicious.” A drug dog was brought in to sniff the exterior of the vehicle and it indicated the presence of an illegal substance inside. Officers performed a search.

It Soon Became Anything But Typical

The search revealed that the vehicle held 250 grams of hashish and 6 pounds of marijuana inside a duffle bag.  Although reports are unclear exactly what occurred after the discovery, officers indicate that the man attempted to flee. He was then subdued with a Taser. Ultimately, he was sent to a local hospital to be treated, though he was also charged with several things, including possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and resisting arrest.

Your Conduct Matters During an Arrest

The truth is, if an officer wants to pull you over, simply because you’re from out of state, he will find a reason to do so. It’s quite likely that the man in question could not have avoided getting stopped, regardless of his pre-stop behaviors. It’s also highly unlikely that he could have avoided having his vehicle searched. However, we do not know what cause he gave the officers to believe he was attempting to flee. Because they felt he was trying to leave, he was not only injured, but faces additional charges. This makes the charges much more difficult for his Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer to fight and will certainly cause the judge to look at him in a less favorable light.

Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

This is the type of case that Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann sees every day and there are ways to minimize charges or even have them dropped, but rest assured, the stakes will be high if officers believed you were resisting arrest or fighting with them. If you or a loved one is facing drug charges in Nebraska, you must have an experienced attorney on your side who understands what avenues are available and will fight for your freedom. Contact Mr. Stockmann at (844) 545-3022 for your free case evaluation today.