Omaha Drug Lawyer: Cancer Docs Call for Research

Our Omaha drug lawyer blog covers current events related to both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana from time to time. One of the newest studies published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology shed a bit of light on what may be happening with push for medical marijuana.

Cancer is Often an Approved Condition for Medical Marijuana Use

One of the reasons the new research is significant is that states with medical marijuana legislation almost always make the substance available to those with cancer. Because of this, it stands to reason that doctors who specialize in cancer would therefore be foremost experts on the potential benefits of medical marijuana.

The Study Involved a Relatively Small Group of Oncologists

The study was led by psychiatrist Ilana M. Braun who specializes in psychosomatic medicine. Her work surrounds helping people undergoing cancer treatment cope better and extends into identifying if/ when cancer drugs begin to impact the mental health of patients, so that medications can be adjusted to keep the patient feeling his or her best during treatment. Braun’s team sent out surveys to 400 medical oncologists—doctors who specialize in treating cancer. Roughly 250 responded.

70% of Oncologists Don’t Feel Equipped to Make Medical Marijuana Decisions

Arguably, the most interesting thing to come from the survey was that most oncologists don’t think they’re equipped to make decisions about whether medical marijuana is the right choice for patients or not. Only about 30% felt “sufficiently informed,” but about 80% still spoke with their patients about medical marijuana and 46% recommended it clinically. In addition to this, 67% said they thought it was helpful in managing pain and 65% said it was more effective or equally effective to standard anorexia and cachexia treatments. In other words, doctors are experiencing a disconnect; they believe in and recommend a treatment they don’t feel informed about.

There’s a Lot We Don’t Know

Unfortunately, we have to take the researchers at their word that the group was “nationally-representative” and a “random sample,” as details about who responded and where they came from is not readily available.  Obviously, doctors in various parts of the country are likely to have differing opinions. Moreover, the published results do not discuss how these doctors feel about other forms of treatment, so it could be that the survey “boxed” them into giving specific answers. Lastly, the surveys went out in 2016, so although the news of the results is just now breaking, developments happen fast in the realm of medical marijuana, and many of these physicians may feel differently with two years of prescribing now under their belts.

Talk to an Omaha Drug Lawyer

Here in Nebraska, it really doesn’t matter how your doctor feels about recommending medical marijuana. It’s illegal none the less. If you or a loved one has been charged with a marijuana-related crime, you will be treated like a criminal no matter what your situation is. However, Omaha drug lawyer Daniel Stockmann helps people fight charges like this every single day; ranging from the average cancer patient who just wants to feel some relief all the way through the individual who got picked up on one of Nebraska’s interstates after making a legal purchase in Colorado. If you need assistance, get the help of an expert who has a proven track record for success with cases just like yours. Call (844) 906-0641 and get a free consultation with Mr. Stockmann.