Omaha Drug Trafficking Lawyer: State to Continue Taking Your Benefits

As any Omaha drug trafficking lawyer will tell you, the repercussions of a guilty verdict literally last a lifetime. There are obvious repercussions, such as jail time and fines, and there are some not-so-obvious ones. Due to background checks, a conviction can cost you housing opportunities and even jobs. The real kicker is, a conviction for a drug offense can actually get you blacklisted from SNAP benefits, too, which many people rely on when they’re trying to transition into a healthy lifestyle after serving time.

The Food Stamp Ban Lasts a Lifetime

Every guilty verdict has consequences, but only one type of offense can affect your eligibility for Food Stamps, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. When the government began its “War Against Drugs,” officials came down hard on drug offenders, and in 1996, the feds created a national law that put a lifetime ban on Food Stamps for those convicted of drug crimes.

Most States Have Modified or Opted Out of the Ban

Most states see the large errors in this law, and they’ve taken steps to modify it to minimize the damage caused by it. In fact, 18 states have done away with it altogether. Here in Nebraska, it was modified so that people with just one or two convictions could still receive benefits, but the problem is, a person can have multiple convictions for a single event. Someone can literally go to jail at age 18, serve his time, resume a normal and productive life as a model citizen, and still be banned from receiving SNAP as a senior citizen.

Legislative Bill 910 Would Have Repealed this Law in Nebraska

Early in March, a bill to repeal this law advanced by a landslide vote of 31 to 5. However, when it was voted on near the end of the month, just 28 voted in favor of it, which left it 5 short of advancing. Senator Jerry Johnson blames the amendments for the bill’s failure to move forward, simply saying, “A good bill can go bad.” Senator Kate Bolz, who introduced the bill, said she didn’t think that legislators opposed the original intent of it. However, Senator Mike Groene was very clear about his feelings on it, and has publicly declared that repealing it would amount to rewarding drug dealers and users. Governor Ricketts and the Department of Health and Human Services have issued similar sentiments.

Omaha Drug Trafficking Lawyer

If you’re facing serious charges for the intended distribution of an illegal substance, make no mistake; this will alter the course of your entire life. While we cannot possibly know what the legislative future holds for LB 910 and any further movements, as long as people like Senator Groene and Governor Ricketts hold positions of power, those with convictions will be penalized for their entire lives. You must retain an experienced Omaha drug trafficking lawyer in order to fight your charges. Attorney Daniel Stockmann has been serving the Omaha area for years, and he fights aggressively for his clients. For a no-obligation consultation, call (844) 545-3022 today.