Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer: MJ and Methamphetamine Arrests Up

Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Dan Stockmann has watched arrest rates climb in recent years. Throughout Nebraska, the number of pot busts and methamphetamine cases is rising steadily. While a lot of data links this surge to Colorado’s legalization of MJ, that’s only part of the picture and it doesn’t account for the increase in methamphetamine charges.

Weed is Still the Most Prevalent Substance

When the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) tallied up its annual counts, it discovered that 22.2 million Americans had smoked pot in the past 30 days. This is up from 19.8 million just two years ago. Authorities in Northeastern Nebraska told reporters they’ve noticed the shift as well. Over the years pot busts have waxed and waned. The last big surge is believed to be linked to the meatpacking industry and diminished as plants did, taking transient workers, and perhaps the drugs, along with them. Nowadays, most of the MJ confiscated comes from Colorado and the uptick in arrests correlates with the Rocky Mountain State’s legalization of it.

Methamphetamines are Second

Just shy of one million people reported using methamphetamines in the last 30 days, according to the recent NSDUH survey. Although methamphetamines aren’t second across America, they are the second-biggest cause of drug busts in certain parts of Nebraska, say authorities. In previous years, methamphetamines were counted alongside prescription drugs, but most people are sourcing illegally-manufactured drugs now. Authorities suspect the drugs are coming in from Mexico because there haven’t been many lab discoveries as of late, but the reality is they just don’t know. When people are arrested with weed, it’s typically because authorities have targeted them on the interstate after they’ve left Colorado, but the typical methamphetamine arrest is generally a local and often involves some type of violent or property crime as well. Even though arrests are up, police haven’t managed to uncover the source, which concerns officers because there’s always risk of fires and explosions with home labs and the people who use it not only get hooked fast, but go downhill quickly as well.  

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