Omaha Marijuana Lawyer: I-80 Conviction Reminds of Targeting

As Omaha marijuana lawyer Daniel Stockmann has repeatedly pointed out, I-80 is a hotbed for police activity. It is arguably one of the last places you want to have weed, simply based on the amount of patrolling and police targeting done on the stretch. Two people from Chicago recently found this out the hard way and got nailed with 128 pounds of pot in their rental car.

Be Aware of I-80 Protocol

While it’s obviously best to avoid breaking any laws, having pot on any of Nebraska’s interstates is almost like asking to get caught with it. The highways are heavily patrolled and have been ever since Colorado legalized the leafy green stuff. Although law enforcement must have a reason to pull someone over, it’s fairly easy for an officer to find one. The two main things that trigger stops are:

1) Having out-of-state plates

2) Driving a rental car

Convictions for the Latest Pair

In this case, Ali Khalil and Issa Abu-Serieh were in two separate rental cars traveling along I-80. It’s likely this, alone, was enough to catch the attention of officers, though the official reason for their traffic stop was that one of them was “following too closely.” Other common excuses officers use when they’re targeting someone from out of state may include a broken headlight, traveling a few miles over the speed limit, or having a cracked windshield. Interestingly, the officer reported that he “smelled air fresheners and raw marijuana,” per the Journal Star, and indeed, it was later discovered that more than 100 pounds of weed was vacuum sealed and stored in the trunk of one vehicle. Although Khalil denied the officer’s request to search, a K-9 unit was brought in and the dog alerted law enforcement at the vehicle’s trunk. Due to the vast quantities, both were charged  with intent to deliver.

Hire an Experienced Omaha Marijuana Lawyer

If you have weed on one of Nebraska’s highways, there’s a very good chance you’ll get pulled over and caught, even if your driving is flawless. Don’t risk it. If you’ve already been targeted by local law enforcement, you will absolutely need an experienced attorney to protect your rights and help you avoid harsh consequences. Daniel Stockmann is an Omaha marijuana lawyer with an impeccable track record. He dedicates himself exclusively to defeating drug charges and has a wealth of experience managing charges for out-of-state clients unlucky enough to be caught on Nebraska highways. If you or someone you love is dealing with a similar matter, call Mr. Stockmann at (844) 906-0641 for a free consultation today.