Omaha Marijuana Possession Lawyer: Nebraska One Step Closer to Legalization

It isn’t just “criminals” and recreational drug users who need the help of an Omaha marijuana possession lawyer. Parents of sick children will have to choose between breaking the law or watching their children suffer as Legislative Bill 643, the latest bill aimed at legalizing medical marijuana, was turned down in a close call, earlier this month.

The organization Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis has been pushing hard to make their struggles known. Shari Lawlor, who has helped raise funds and awareness for the group, has a vested interest in seeing the laws changed. Her daughter, though now a legal adult, has been suffering from epileptic seizures since she was a toddler. Traditional medications have been exhausted, and without cannabis legalization for medicinal purposes, she believes parents have no choice but to “become a criminal or watch children suffer.” Sadly, Legislative Bill 643, was turned down in a very close call, which could signal that Nebraska may soon join 23 other states that allow cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The Latest Bill Was Highly-Endorsed

In addition to groups like Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis, the bill was backed by Senator Tommy Garrett. “Stand for the sick and hurting people of Nebraska,” he called out to his peers before the vote. He was joined by Senator Sara Howard, who explained that the bill was “just there to alleviate human suffering.” Senator Joni Craighead also added that proponents are trying to misconstrue the facts.  “We’re not talking about smoking marijuana, wacky weed, OK,” she said. The bill would have allowed medical marijuana, though it also would have made Nebraska one of the most highly-regulated jurisdictions in the country. Only patients with specific conditions would have been permitted to use the drug, and they would have needed to obtain a prescription from a certified physician. Moreover, patients still would not have been permitted to grow the plant or even smoke marijuana, as only specific methods of ingestion, such as a vaporizer, oils, or pills, were permitted under 643. In all, 30 voted to advance the bill, but with 15 naysayers, it was shelved for the year.

Families May Still Need the Help of an Omaha Marijuana Possession Lawyer

There is still some hope that a voter petition drive may get the bill listed on the November ballot, though it’s anticipated it will cost around one million dollars to make this happen. For people like Shari Lawlor, their fate has been sealed. “We’re all going to become criminals tomorrow,” she said upon exiting the Capitol building after the vote. Others share a similar sentiment, following this momentous let down by the state. “We learned our kids have a price, and obviously they’re not worth it,” said another mom of a seizure-prone child. Shelley Gillen’s son literally has dozens of seizures every day.

Omaha Marijuana Possession Lawyer

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