Omaha Marijuana Possession Lawyer: Woman Gets $5,000 Bond for Hemp Oil

There is a lot of debate over the substance, but as any Omaha marijuana possession lawyer will tell you, hemp oil is still illegal in Nebraska. Unfortunately, one local woman found out the hard way, and was recently arrested with a $5,000 bond, for something so many people consider “safe.”

The Arrest Began as a Traffic Stop

As is the situation with so many of these cases, the unidentified woman was  traveling on a roadway when officers made a “standard” traffic stop. Omaha marijuana possession lawyer Daniel Stockmann has spoken out about the prevalence of stops on Nebraska roadways, as law enforcement has a habit of finding excuses to pull over otherwise lawful drivers. Officers performed a search and discovered a small amount of hemp oil in the woman’s possession.

Hemp Oil Does Not Always Have THC, But It’s Always Illegal

To complicate matters, states have different laws for different forms of Cannabis. In some states, marijuana is legal, either for medicinal or recreational use. This is obviously not the case in Nebraska. Industrial hemp, which is grown for non-drug purposes, such as clothing, is generally regulated differently because it typically has a very low THC content and is not a hallucinogenic. However, growing it remains illegal in Nebraska, aside from a few government-approved locations. Lately, companies have been promoting “CBD oil” as a health product. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, along with THC, are the key components of Cannabis. Formulators say they can extract CBD from industrial hemp, with minimal THC contamination, and claim it can cure anything from seizures to stomach ailments to anxiety. The FDA has spoken about this and has demanded that companies stop making the health claims. Looking at the legal aspects, CBD oil would be legal in states that allow it for recreational or medicinal use. States that permit the use of industrial hemp may also permit hemp oil. Here in Nebraska, as well as in several other states, it remains illegal.

Hemp Oil Can Be Purchased Easily

Because the laws vary so much and CBD is being touted as a supplement, it’s easy to purchase it online or in a health shop in border states. Unfortunately, it’s treated like any other illegal drug in Nebraska. While the news reports aren’t indicating where the woman purchased her hemp oil, how it was derived, nor what the THC content of it was, we do know that possessing it was a very costly mistake for her.

Omaha Marijuana Possession Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a crime relating to hemp oil or CBD, you’ll need the help of an experienced Omaha marijuana possession lawyer. Since 1999, Daniel Stockmann has been defending those accused of drug crimes. With a successful track record that speaks for itself, Mr. Stockmann fights aggressively for his clients and examines every aspect of a case to look for ways to have charges lessened or dropped. Call (844) 545-3022 today for a free case evaluation.