Weed Lawyer in Omaha: Dog Sniffs Out $1 Million on I-80

As an established weed lawyer in Omaha, Daniel Stockmann has built an entire practice around defending people who get picked up for marijuana charges. At this point, I-80 is nearly infamous. The roadway connects Nebraska with Colorado to the west and Iowa to the east, making the cornhusker state a totally cannabis-free zone amidst regions with more lax laws. While Iowa allows for some medical uses in specific forms, Colorado is more or less a free-for-all, and that means people often depart with a bit of leafy green, either blissfully unaware that legality stops at the state lines or perhaps naïve enough to think they won’t get caught. Nebraska law enforcement, of course, has other plans, and keeps tight watch over all I-80 traffic. In short, if you’ve got an out-of-state plate, there’s a good chance you’ll be stopped. That seems to be precisely the situation a duo found themselves in recently when law enforcement made a $1 million pot bust on the roadway.

The Big Rig was Stopped for “Improper Lane Change”

As is often the case, this particular bust began with a traffic stop for a very basic offense. A trooper noted that the freightliner had some sort of lighting defect and observed the driver making an improper lane change as it headed eastbound on the I-80 just outside of Kearney, giving cause to pull the pair over. Once stopped, a K-9 was brought around to do a sniff and alerted agents that a substance was detected in the box trailer. In all, 284 pounds of marijuana, 3.6 pounds of marijuana-infused vape tubes, and 2.5 pounds of marijuana wax were discovered, for a grand total of roughly $1 million dollars in product. The Oregon and California residents were then charged with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver, and failure to affix a tax stamp.

Nebraska has a Drug Stamp Law to Impose Additional Penalties

Yes, you read that right. To add insult to injury, the individuals were charged with a tax crime for failing to pay for a Nebraska tax stamp on an illegal substance. Although the law isn’t widely utilized, it came into effect in 1991 as an additional way to punish offenders. For each ounce over six ounces, a $100 tax fee is levied. Those who don’t pay (And who would in a state where marijuana is illegal?), can be hit with a Class IV felony, adding up to $10,000 in fines and as much as five years behind bars to whatever sentence is imposed for the drug charges. Nebraska isn’t alone in this, though—it’s one of more than 20 states with similar laws.

Retain an Experienced Weed Lawyer in Omaha

Failure to affix a tax stamp is one of many ways the state of Nebraska throws the book at people suspected of committing drug crimes. While $1 million in cannabis products is certainly on the extreme side, law enforcement doesn’t reserve this kind of treatment for “big time” offenders. If you’re arrested, this is the kind of thing you can face too. Don’t leave it to chance. Hire an attorney who fights these types of charges every day. Stockmann Law is wholly focused on drug laws, and as an experienced weed lawyer in Omaha, understands what it takes to help people get their lives back. Call (844) 906-0641 or complete the form on this page to secure your no-obligation case evaluation with him today.