When Police Make a Mistake During Your Drug Possession Arrest

Those who have been arrested and/or charged with drug possession absolutely have a right to meet with a Nebraska interstate drug lawyer who can help them to figure out what their rights are and how to fight the arrest. Any person who is facing a drug possession arrest will benefit from expert legal representation at the earliest possible time. We understand that you may be overwhelmed or panicked and maybe even be afraid of what will happen next.

You don’t have to be afraid if you know that you have a defense lawyer who can help you – especially if you think that the police made a mistake during your arrest.

Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorney

Those who have been arrested for drug possession will want to meet with a drug possession lawyer immediately. Any person who faces those charges deserves to give themselves a chance – a lawyer can take a second look at the details surrounding your case and maybe find something that you didn’t recognize. We understand that during this time, you may be overcome with panic and fear, and you just want to get everything over with as quickly as possible – but there is some benefit to slowing down.

During your arrest, it is possible that the officer was (willingly or unwillingly) going against your legal rights in how he or she handled the situation. 

Some of those common police mistakes include:

Incorrectly Identifying The Drug You Possessed

Sometimes, a police officer may be too hasty in arresting someone that has a pill, substance, or powder on them, automatically assuming it is an illegal drug. Sometimes it is just a painkiller or something similar. An attorney can request the evidence that was collected from the scene and read the evaluation from a crime lab – or even order an evaluation. If the test results come back and the “drug” ends up being a legal drug or prescription, then your charge will be dismissed.

Unlawful Search and Seizure

An attorney may ask you some questions about the moments up to your arrest for drug possession. He or she isn’t being nosy – this is when a majority of police mistakes are made. Sometimes, police officers do not adhere to search protocols. Most often, the officer violates your legal rights by pulling you over and searching your car or trunk without your permission. Drugs that were in plain view to the officer are not included in this violation, but anything else may not be used against you if you didn’t give him or her permission to search.

Entrapment: A Big Police Mistake During Drug Arrests

A police officer that pressures you into partaking in a crime that you otherwise would not have done can be called entrapment. If the officer knowingly used this strategy to lure you into a situation where you break the law, you may have rationale for your charges to be dismissed.

If you believe this may have happened to you – at any point of your arrest – write down the details and get in contact with a drug attorney as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the foggier those details will become in your mind.

Lost Drug Possession Evidence

During your trial, the prosecution absolutely has to provide the drug evidence. Your attorney should request that the prosecutor provides the exact drugs that were confiscated from your person or vehicle. After the drug is taken into evidence, it is quite common for it to get lost or thrown away throughout processing. Your case could end up getting dismissed if the drug was lost while in evidence.

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