Another Reason to Heed the Advice of Your Omaha Drug Trafficking Attorney

A story currently being covered by the media highlights not only the importance of retaining an Omaha drug trafficking attorney, but also of heeding his advice. According to KWWL 7 news, Troy Lawrence just received a 20-year sentence for a litany of charges, though at least one of them could have been avoided if he had retained an experienced drug attorney and taken advantage of the expert’s knowledge.

Per the Gazette, Lawrence’s ice methamphetamine ring was uncovered when his stepson took a stuffed animal containing a bag of the substance to school. It was later discovered by authorities that Lawrence and the boy’s mother purchased several similar stuffed animals from a roadside stand on a trip to Omaha, where they also picked up at least 50 grams of the highly-pure variety of crystallized meth. Along with his brother, Martin Lawrence, the defendant then began distributing stuffed animals with five-ounce portions of meth to consumers in another state.

The brothers faced federal charges including conspiracy to distribute, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution of ice methamphetamine. All of these are very serious charges, which can result in over $10 million in fines, prison time ranging from ten years to life, and supervision upon release. The jury only spent three hours deliberating, and the pair was convicted in October. These charges were to be expected, however had an experienced Omaha drug trafficking attorney been involved, they may have avoided an additional serious charge- witness tampering. This charge alone can result in up to 20 years in prison. It seems the brothers did not have enough faith in their lawyers to protect them, so they took it upon themselves to contact witnesses in the case and instruct them not to cooperate with the investigation and trial.

When proven to a jury, this kind of behavior is very difficult to overcome. It may well have had an impact on the jury’s decision and on the judge’s final sentencing. In all, Troy Lawrence received 262 months in prison, a $300 fine, and will be supervised for five years following his release. Given that the case was tried at a federal level, there is no possibility of parole. His brother is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date.

Omaha Drug Trafficking Attorney

In serious cases like this, it’s important to hire an Omaha drug trafficking attorney right away. An experienced lawyer will work to have the charges reduced or dropped whenever possible. Moreover, when you have faith in your legal representative to fight for you, you can avoid getting hit with unnecessary charges like witness tampering. Daniel Stockmann is an Omaha drug trafficking attorney who has been serving the region since 1999. He knows which strategies are  the most effective in trials, and he defends his clients with vigor. If you or a loved one is facing drug charges, you owe it to yourself to have the best representation possible. Call (844) 545-3022 to schedule a no-obligation case review today.