Need for Drug Trafficking Attorneys Rise; States to Sue Colorado

Without a doubt, the need for drug trafficking attorneys has been on the rise since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. This simple majority decision likely had much more fallout than voters ever anticipated and it has clearly affected neighboring states. General drug-related issues and crimes handled by drug trafficking attorneys have skyrocketed in Nebraska and Oklahoma. Although the federal government is largely taking a hands-off approach, officials in Oklahoma are pushing for a lawsuit, according to the latest from

The lawsuit is part of an ongoing battle between states that goes back several years. In 2014, the New York Times reported that Oklahoma and Nebraska were teaming up to sue Colorado. Though the states don’t contest Colorado’s decision to permit recreational marijuana, the main complaint is that the Rocky Mountain State didn’t put enough restrictions in place to stop marijuana from being carried across state lines. Had Colorado enacted a law that required people to consume or smoke the marijuana in the city or state it was purchased in, officials feel that less of it would flow into neighboring states.

Local authorities also add that the transport of marijuana has put a serious strain on their resources, as they now have the task of monitoring the border more closely. Meanwhile, drug trafficking attorneys are seeing a huge rise in cases, as the police aren’t simply keeping watch- they’re targeting interstate travelers, sometimes using questionable methods to make a stop.

It’s difficult to know where the case will lead as the Supreme Court has not given the states permission to sue. The Obama Administration was asked for advisement on the issue, and the response was in line with previous federal decisions.  U.S. Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole issued a statement in 2013, which explained that, although marijuana is illegal at a federal level, the United States government would not become involved in marijuana-related crimes in states that had enacted laws which permit it. When the Obama Administration spoke, the official statement essentially said that there was not enough evidence to prove Colorado had caused direct injury to its neighboring states. Therefore, a case should not go forward.

Despite all this, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s office has indicated its intent to pursue the matter further with the Supreme Court. “The Obama administration has turned a blind eye, emboldening states like Colorado to set up systems that encourage the commercialization and trafficking of a substance illegal under federal law,” Pruitt explained. Official written arguments are expected to be presented in the coming weeks.

Drug Trafficking Attorneys

Regardless of whom the courts find to be at fault for the flow of marijuana into Nebraska and Oklahoma, it’s clear that Colorado does not intend to amend its laws. As such, drug trafficking attorneys will continue to be in demand in the border states.

If you or a loved one is facing drug-related charges, the consequences in Nebraska are harsh. Experienced drug trafficking attorneys can examine all the factors in your case, and may be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed. Daniel Stockmann is a top-rated attorney who has dedicated his practice to protecting those accused of drug crimes. For a free consultation, call (844) 545-3022 today.