Lawyer for Drug Charges in Omaha NE Proves Illegal Police Action

Nebraska attorney Daniel Stockmann proves to court that law enforcement behaved unlawfully; Omaha man in danger of deportation reunited with family.

FEBRUARY 10, 2016, OMAHA—While media outlets and YouTube commonly feature stories of unlawful police behavior, it’s rare that this is heard of in Nebraska, and rarer still to be proven in a court of law. However, an Omaha man recently experienced this nightmare, and was facing deportation as a result. Thanks to the help of Daniel Stockmann, a skilled lawyer  for drug charges in Omaha NE against the accused were dismissed.

Evidence presented to the courts indicated that the man was traveling on a Nebraska roadway and had not made any form of moving violation. Law enforcement initiated a traffic stop, despite having no lawful cause to do so. Even though the individual complied with officers by pulling over, the agents immediately drew their weapons and arrested him at gunpoint. While the man was detained, officers conducted an unlawful search and discovered 88 grams of meth and $10,000 cash.

The case was dismissed after the court granted the defendant’s motion to suppress. It was agreed that the police violated man’s constitutional rights by conducting an improper traffic stop and search of his person,” explained Mr. Stockmann, the defendant’s lawyer. Drug charges in Omaha are not typically defeated in this manner, as it requires comprehensive knowledge of search and seizure laws, as well as flawless litigation skills in order to be able to successfully convince the court that law enforcement acted unlawfully.

Despite the fact that the man was victimized by law enforcement, an unsuccessful defense strategy would have caused the man to be deported. The court system would have divided him from his American wife and child, after more than 20 years of residing in the United States. Because of the effort put forth by Stockmann Law, justice was served and the man remains with his family.

About Daniel Stockmann

Daniel Stockmann, lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, is a highly-decorated and revered criminal defense attorney in the state of Nebraska. He and his team at Stockmann Law have a successful track record with challenging drug-related cases. The firm accepts all forms of federal and state drug cases, ranging from high-level RICO charges, to trafficking, possession, and prescription drug offenses.

The Stockmann Law team evaluates each case independently, and determines which strategies to apply based on the unique events and factors involved. Mr. Stockmann’s reputation for providing quality defense, paired with more than 20 years of serving as a lawyer for drug charges in Omaha, has earned his firm the respect of his clients, law enforcement, judges, and even opposing counsel. Over the years, he and his firm have helped countless people from all over the country fight their Nebraska drug charges. For more information on Daniel Stockmann and Stockmann Law, please call (855) 782-1662, or visit the firm’s website at