Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer Warns Public of Fake Drug Stops

Law enforcement is using false roadblock signs to draw out travelers.

FEBRUARY 10, 2016, OMAHA—An Omaha marijuana defense lawyer wants to get the word out that law enforcement is using legal, yet deceptive tactics to get motorists to pull over. The method has been utilized for years, and the Nebraska Supreme Court has not found fault in it as of yet, but there’s no denying that officers are intentionally misleading innocent members of the public.

Though the procedure varies somewhat every time, law enforcement agencies generally select a remote area of a highway for their sting. They then choose an exit with no restrooms or other services and place road signs a mile or so before it, announcing that there is a blockade, drug stop, or drug dog ahead. The problem is, there is not anything happening on the roadway ahead. Instead, officers and K-9 units wait on the surface street, hoping to catch those who exit.

Omaha marijuana defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann sees cases like this all the time. He says, “Police wait for this vehicle to commit a traffic infraction, sometimes following it for miles until it does, then pull it over and run the drug dog around it. However, if the vehicle would have just kept driving on the interstate, it never would have drawn the attention of police.

Of course, there are numerous reasons why a driver might choose to exit, but law enforcement is treating everyone who does so as a criminal, even when they’ve done nothing wrong at all. Mr. Stockmann advises motorists who come across these notices to proceed normally and not exit the interstate. In his experience, those who stay on the roadway have a much smaller chance of being targeted. He also adds that the driver of the vehicle does not have to consent to a search. However, he cautions drivers to be polite with law enforcement and to provide them with a license, registration, and proof of insurance, upon request. If a citation or warning ticket is issued, the individual does not have to stay and answer further questions. It’s ok to ask for permission to leave and to get back on the road once the request has been approved.

Unfortunately, there’s no standard outcome in these situations. An innocent person may be targeted and followed until police have an excuse to stop him and issue a citation. Someone who is in possession of an illegal substance could face time behind bars and/or fines.

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