Omaha Drug Attorney: Marijuana Smuggling Gets Creative

Daniel Stockmann is an experienced and trusted Omaha drug attorney. His blog covers various drug topics, from news releases to changes in law to legal discussions. Because Nebraska shares a border with Colorado, whose state laws have made it legal to grow and consume certain amounts of marijuana, it is a hotspot for weed charges. Its more common than not for people to assume that Colorados legal marijuana can be purchased there and then consumed with no repercussions in other states, such as Nebraska. Naturally, this is not the case as of today. Because the consequences for transporting marijuana purchased in Colorado across state lines can be harsh, marijuana smuggling gets creative. Drug attorney Daniel Stockmann has much experience with traffic stop cases in which marijuana was found. But how far will people go to get marijuana across state lines?

Marijuana Smuggling Goes to the Skies

A news article published last year noted the common occurrence of smuggling pot across Colorado state lines, calling out one creative man for taking it to a new level. Not trusting the more popular methods of driving or mailing the marijuana, a pilot managed to transport nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana out of Colorado via his skydiving planes. Regardless of federal law ruling that all marijuana grown in the state of Colorado must be kept within state lines, the temptation of transporting it over the borders is strong enough for many people. Considering that $2,000 worth of marijuana in Colorado can sell for nearly $6,000 on the black market, its no wonder so many people end up in hot water over it.

However, in 2013, it was estimated that only 10% of illegal drug trafficking was caught. This means that ninety percent of smugglers have found enough creative ways to slip by unnoticed for the time being. Most of these people are not resorting to flying planes full of their strain of choice, however. Often times the marijuana goes unnoticed because more people are getting savvier about the different ways in which to ship it: edibles, oils, etc. These forms of marijuana are much harder to detect because there is relatively no odor and theyre easier to pack. However, law enforcers are becoming more knowledgeable about these different products as well.

What Does This Mean for Surrounding States?

There is plenty of controversy in surrounding states over marijuana smuggling. Some states with a more conservative opinion may strive to put forth a stronger effort to stop drug trafficking, while other states or counties may choose to prioritize other crimes. This in itself can stir up a heated debate; when taxpayers dollars are in the picture, the general public may have a lot of differing opinions over how the state deputies spend their time. The truth of the matter is that if a deputy is spending his/her time working to stop drug trafficking, there are other things that they may not get to – soon enough or at all. For some people, they prefer to keep their deputies local and working on matters that directly affect their communities. Others firmly believe any sign of drug trafficking should be stopped in its tracks.

Retain an Omaha Drug Attorney You Can Trust

Regardless of your stance, there may be a time where you find yourself or a loved one in a bit of trouble during a traffic stop or other drug charge. Its important to have a reliable Omaha drug attorney at your disposal for times like this. Daniel Stockmann, experienced drug attorney in Nebraska, can be a great help to you or someone you know. He has years of practice under his belt helping people navigate their various drug charges and has countless success stories. To request your free case evaluation, complete our online form or call (844) 906-0641.