Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer: Nebraska State Troopers Assist in Drug Bust

Nebraska state troopers are involved in many drug investigations and traffic stops because of the states proximity to Colorado, a state that allows legal growth and consumption of marijuana in certain quantities. Though legal to grow and use in Colorado, transporting marijuana over state lines is illegal. Omaha drug charges lawyer Daniel Stockmann is busy defending many who have landed in hot water this way. However, Nebraskans are not the only ones who get into trouble. Sometimes Nebraska state troopers take their work outside state lines and assist other states in their own cases of drug trafficking.

Nebraska State Troopers Called on in Kentucky

In addition to patrolling the highways in hopes of stopping just the right person, Nebraska State Troopers are often called on to assist in drug crimes in other states. Most recently, Bullitt County in Kentucky was the site of a major drug bust involving an extremely large amount of marijuana. In May, the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office Narcotics Unit called on the help of Jefferson County sheriffs and the Nebraska State Patrol to investigate this particular situation. With combined efforts, authorities report finding 222 pounds of marijuana worth nearly $58,000, along with 227 units of THC oil, 12 vials of HGH, and 127 HGH pills. At least seven people are expected to be indicted over this.

Drug Busts Create Controversy

Years earlier, the same Bullitt County was involved in another drug bust, the largest theyd seen in nearly ten years prior. This particular incident in 2014 resulted in seizing nearly 15 pounds of marijuana, worth roughly $48,000 on the street. According to authorities, this particular strain was the Cadillac of marijuana. Though years prior to the current controversy over smuggling drugs across Colorado state lines, this was a perfect example of a similar situation. This strain, in particular, was grown in northern California, another state in which it is legal to grow, and shipped into Kentucky from there. The man in question was charged not only with possession of drug paraphernalia but marijuana trafficking. Prior to this conviction, the only thing on the mans record was a speeding ticket.

Even though these particular incidents are years apart, similar situations like this have stirred quite the controversy in states surrounding Colorado and other legalized states, including Nebraska. You can hear about this controversy in the media, often times in the comment sections on the news websites. Comments range from support of state troopers for cooperating in drug busts to lamenting law enforcement prioritizing marijuana busts over harder drugs like heroin and meth.

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