Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer: Marijuana Rehabilitation

Omaha drug charges lawyer Daniel Stockmann’s work revolves around clients facing marijuana-related drug charges and the United States is rife with controversy over marijuana and its effects on users. Nebraska’s tough laws against medical and recreational marijuana paired with sharing a border with the more liberal Colorado mean that moving cannabis across state lines is a frequent occurrence. Even Nebraskans not involved in trafficking can face serious convictions for seemingly insignificant marijuana use. These conflicting views across the country include discussions over rehabilitation for cannabis use. While opponents of marijuana believe that excessive use is grounds for treatment, many advocates of cannabis feel that it has more extensive health benefits than negative consequences. Thus, marijuana rehabilitation remains a sensitive subject.

Advocates and Opponents of Cannabis Use

Advocates of cannabis use tout the numerous health benefits of consuming the product. An article published by Business Insider lists 23 benefits of medical marijuana consumption; positives include glaucoma treatment, controlling epileptic seizures, pain relief, and more. There is even evidence that claims marijuana has a positive effect on declining alcohol consumption, going against the theory that marijuana consumption leads to increased use of other drugs. NORML also provides information that dispels the theory of marijuana as a “gateway drug.”

On the other hand, opponents of cannabis use argue all of these points. For example, is a website for drug rehabilitation information that lists some of the potential health benefits of marijuana while maintaining that there are still serious side effects. Some of the consequences they list include addiction and mental health problems. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) also mentions some consequences, though notes that there is a difference between marijuana dependence and addiction. The NIH adds that estimating the true number of people addicted to marijuana is controversial when this difference is ignored. Regardless, many hold the belief that marijuana is simply an addictive drug and requires rehabilitation and treatment.

What Marijuana Rehabilitation Looks Like

American Addiction Centers lays out a typical marijuana treatment program in detail. They note that signs of addiction include intense cravings, building a tolerance to it, spending money on marijuana instead of other priorities, and changing routines to fit in cannabis consumption. In a typical marijuana treatment center, the focus is on therapy to curb these behaviors. Professionals help people cope with triggers to use marijuana by providing tools to avoid certain situations. They also encourage new problem-solving skills to deny offers for cannabis consumption or scenarios leading to it.

Therapy can come in the form of one-on-one talk therapy sessions or support groups. It may also include alternative therapies such as exercise, art, journaling, and more. Inpatient treatment specifically is set up in such a way that patients find new structure in their day-to-day lives that doesn’t involve marijuana consumption.

Get Guidance from a Trusted Omaha Drug Charges Lawyer

Though there are positive intentions behind drug rehabilitation centers that provide treatment for marijuana use, it remains controversial because there are divided opinions on its classification as an addictive drug in the first place. Regardless, cannabis remains illegal in Nebraska and facing a marijuana-related drug charge can be overwhelming. If you or someone you know is going through it, contact Omaha drug charges lawyer Daniel Stockmann for help. His years of experience in the field and record of successful cases qualify him as an expert on cases just like yours. Complete the form on this page or call (844) 906-0641 to get your free consultation today.