Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer: The Cost of Incarceration

Omaha drug crimes defense lawyer, Daniel Stockmann, is an expert in handling drug-related cases for his clients. In the state of Nebraska where marijuana use, possession, and sale is illegal, many people are impacted by the negative consequences of consuming cannabis. Meanwhile, people right across the border in neighboring Colorado are privy to the liberal cannabis regulations of the state. Though they share a border, the states’ attitudes about cannabis are vastly different. This is even more apparent when comparing the revenue Colorado is pulling in from the cannabis industry to the costs of incarcerating individuals on marijuana-related drug charges in Nebraska.

Colorado’s Booming Cannabis Industry

According to a recent article published by the Denver Post, Colorado’s pot sales hit a new record in 2017 at $1.5 billion. This number includes adult-use and medical sales. According to the state’s financial data, these sales equaled out to $247 million in tax and fee revenue for the state last year. These numbers have been steadily increasing since 2015 and it seems that the industry is only growing bigger. In addition to these increased sales, Colorado has seen a “green rush” with residents from neighboring states coming in to purchase cannabis and its products.

Nebraska Faces Increasing Incarceration Costs

While neighboring states’ citizens are flocking to Colorado for its dispensaries and legalized recreational marijuana use, many of them are also bringing cannabis and its related products back across state lines. In illegal Nebraska, this means serious charges for those particular offenders. It’s not surprising that marijuana-related drug arrests and incarcerations in Nebraska have been on the rise.

According to a study from the University of Nebraska, these arrests are rising more steadily in the counties that border Colorado. Counties along Interstate 80, which is known in Nebraska to be under watch from law enforcement officials looking for traffickers, have also seen a rise in marijuana-related arrests. In total, reports found marijuana-related jail admissions rose 16.5% from 2000-2013 throughout the state. Costs of incarcerating the people involved increased in border counties more than nearly 1000% in that time period. That translates to a cost of $9,000 in 2000 to over $105,000 in 2013.

The University of Nebraska’s report was based on data from the years 2000-2013, which coincides with the time after Colorado legalized medicinal cannabis. Recreational marijuana was not legalized there until 2012, so this particular incarceration data from Nebraska doesn’t reflect the impact of adult-use cannabis in Colorado. However, cannabis opponents are worried that their state’s increased jail admissions and cost of incarceration will only worsen as Nebraskans continue traveling to Colorado for consumption and purchase. It seems then there is a case for cannabis advocates to drive home the benefits of a legalized state. While Nebraska has been costing its citizens for incarceration, Colorado has seen a revenue increase.

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