Omaha Drug Defense Lawyer Wins 2017 Nations Top One Percent Award From NADC

top lawyer in Omaha Daniel Stockmann, of Stockmann Law, has been selected to the 2017 list as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. NADC is an organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence. Its mission is to objectively recognize the attorneys who elevate the standards of the Bar and provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate.

Members are thoroughly vetted by a research team, selected by a blue ribbon panel of attorneys with podium status from independently neutral organizations, and approved by a judicial review board as exhibiting virtue in the practice of law. Due to the incredible selectivity of the appointment process, only the top one percent of attorneys in the United States are awarded membership in NADC. This elite class of advocates consists of the finest leaders of the legal profession from across the nation.

Stockmann stated: “We are very grateful to be honored by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent.  At Stockmann Law, we strive to help those who have been unlawfully targeted by law enforcement as they travel the interstate highway through Nebraska.  We have been able to establish a track record of success for those charged with marijuana-based offenses, other controlled substance charges, and those charged with possession with intent to deliver.  We will continue to fight for the protection of our client’s Constitutional rights.”

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Stockmann provides many helpful resources for those looking for a drug defense lawyer in Omaha.  Website visitors can learn more about Nebraska possession with intent to deliver charges and delivery of controlled substance defense strategies among other helpful information about defense options for drug charges in Nebraska. 

About Daniel Stockmann, Omaha Marijuana Defense Lawyer

Omaha drug defense lawyer Daniel Stockmann has been serving people charged with drug-related crimes in Nebraska for more than a decade. He has an incredible track record, even in serious matters such as RICO and drug trafficking cases. He also fights aggressively for people charged with medical marijuana possession and similar offenses, and creates effective strategies based on the merits and weaknesses of each case he accepts. For more information on Stockmann Law, call 855) 980-6961 today.